Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good Piece on Fewell

Here's a real good piece from Paul Schwartz of the New York Post on Perry Fewell. Sounds like a guy who doesn't take much of anything from anybody, which is just what the Giants' defense needs right now.

Can't wait to see Osi Umenyiora try to walk out of this guy's meeting.



  1. I'm not sure that introducing cover 2 versus man, etc. is an issue. He will run a 4-3, that's for sure.

    Re-instilling accountability and pride is priority number 1. Tuck, to me, was the only guy that showed that for the G-Men in all 16 games. That means there is a whole lot of guys that have to pick it up.

    Fewell has a lot to work with here. This unit should be a top 10 defense, when they have most people healthy. Let's hope he brings them back to a Giant standard we expect.

    Go Fewell! You have my unwavering support until someone puts up 40 on your unit. Then I reserve the right to call for your head.

    Chris B.

  2. Hey Ern, get out those typing fingers!!! Let's go!!

  3. Interesting NY Post piece. But if this guy likes calling schemes from the box and coughlin likes his coaches on the ground, isn't that a replay scenerio of Sheridan? I hope that's the only coincidence because if they have another defensive disaster like the did in 2009...well I am not going to be happy. This should be a top ten or top five defense, so let's hope Fewell works out!