Thursday, January 28, 2010

Up Or Down

Last year, there was a question of whether Bill Sheridan should call his game from the press box or the sideline. Upon urgings of his players, he called it from the sideline.

We all know how that worked out.

Perry Fewell said he hasn't decided his future location. But he did say that when he called plays from the sideline -- he retained his defensive coordinator's job while serving as Buffalo's interim head coach -- he found himself getting wrapped up in the emotions of the game.

"I get pretty excited on the sideline," Fewell said. "I'm probably a little bit more controlled when I called it from the press box. When I called it from the sidelines, sometimes you can get caught up in the ballgame. You chest-bump a player or you slap somebody on the heinie or something like that, and then you've got to go back and gather your thoughts again.

"Up in the press box, you're emotions are a little more controlled. It depends on how those emotions are running."

Fewell wouldn't commit either way.

"I can go either way," Fewell said. "It's a matter of just being in that moment."

Those moments came few and far between for his predecessor, Sheridan, who was basically viewed as emotionless. Don't think the players will have the same problem with Fewell, who is known as a yeller who has no problem getting on players for obvious mistakes.

"I am who I am," Fewell said. "And I coach how I coach."


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  1. I think the DC needs to be on the field getting in these guys faces. I am glad Fewell is adept at that unlike other DC's.