Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fewell-ing Up

Just a heads up here. We're getting a conference call with defensive coordinator Perry Fewell around mid-day, so we'll have the fruits of that call as soon as possible.

Not much news otherwise. Unless Coughlin makes a surprise firing of, oh, say, a particular special teams coach, it looks like the rest of the staff from last season will return intact. Of course, there's still that lingering question in Oakland as it relates to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's potential to succeed Tom Cable out there. But Cable is still employed, and opinions now lean toward Al Davis keeping his current head coach.

You never know with old Al, though.

Oh, and before anyone trashes new defensive line coach Robert Nunn over a horrible single season in Tampa Bay, as one commenter did this morning, remember the whole body of work with Green Bay, Washington, and Miami. It's not bad. A guy's track record has to count for something.



  1. It is laughable to trash the hiring of a Defensive Line coach. Who was that Ern? I would like to know who to never read/listen to EVER again. (disclaimer: If it was Francesa I reserve the right to listen to him again because that is the type of bluster I would expect from him)

  2. Is that what Miami said when they hired Bill sheridan? :)

  3. According to this article from the Tampa Tribune, it sounds like they are sorry to see Nunn leave: