Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Moving Slowly

The search for the Giants new defensive coordinator continues to move slowly. Nothing shaking on that front yet as Perry Fewell continues to mull his options and other potential candidates like Jets linebackers coach Bob Sutton ready themselves for another round of playoffs.

As much as we'd all love for this to be over with, I guess the emphasis here is not on speed, but in finding the right guy. And somehow, I'm not sure if Fewell would be the right one, though he does appear at the top of the list right now by virtue of the fact that the Giants haven't interviewed anyone else, at least to my knowlege. Not sure if they want to go back to the days of "read and react" considering how poorly it worked then.

That's what Cover-2 is, read and react. It's not an aggressive scheme, but rather one that depends on players picking things up pre-snap and then acting accordingly. The Giants have never done that very well.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, no matter who the Giants get, he needs to come from an aggressive mindset. And finding someone like that now that Romeo Crennel and Jim Haslett are off the boards could take some time.

Besides, there could be competition, too. One possibility, Washington secondary coach Jerry Gray, could be interviewing for Seattle's defensive coordinator's job as early as today.

Redskins linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti, whose father, Tom, coached up here, was also rumored as a possible Giants candidate.



  1. Ernie, I hope that Coughlin is just not waiting for Bob Sutton. He is a 10+ year coach for the Jets back to the Herman Edwards days. ( I wouldn't want him personally ) I just hope he does his due diligence and interviews as many candidates as possible. I hear that Greg Blache is retiring and am surprised with New England eliminated that he hasn't called in Pepper Johnson for an interview. Ernie, I have a feeling that not many coaches want to work for Coughlin. If the Giants have another poor year then he will be gone and then most likely the DC goes as well. We certainly are not dealing from strength here.

  2. @ Mitch

    Interesting theory about other coaches not wanting to work with I don't know if that is true but I could definitely believe it. I've stated that I am thankful that Coughlin brought us a Super Bowl but have never been a big fan. I loved Spags and Fox when they were here, but I've never warmed up to Coughlin...though I do respect him.

    And I too am surprised they have not called Pepper Johnson in. What's up with that Ernie?

  3. Thanks for the updates, Ernie, even if nothing is happening. I need my fix of "news".

    I also hope they find someone with the aggressive mindset, similar to Spagnolo. If John Fox decided not to stay at Carolina, bringing him in as DC/Assistant Head Coach, with a plan of making him head coach after Coughlin leaves - that would seem like a great way to go. I just hope they get someone to bring some fire back to the defense.

  4. My mindset was similar to that of Mitch's. In that it seems not many people want to work with Coughlin.

    Fewell is deciding between us and Chicago, Jauron aparently doesn't want to work with coughlin again, we couldn't even get interviews with Crennel or Haslett.

    So it seems as though TC has a hard time finding people who would want to work with him. But I don't know if it's the fear of being let go, yes Haley in KC and Shanahan in Washington should be there for a while, but Lovie could be gone next year too.

    And I would think that could potentially be a positive for a DC. Knowing that Coughlin if he's not fired will be retiring in a year or two and if the future DC does a good job, they could be the next head coach.

    Am I wrong in thinking that wouldn't persuade coordinators from being intrgiued with the Giants?

  5. washington will always pay more money than the giants.