Monday, January 11, 2010

Rumor Mill Hot

Rumors continue to increase about the future of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

Not that the Giants want to lose him, but the newest offering out of lists Gilbride along with deposed Washington head coach Jim Zorn as possibilities for the Bears' offensive coordinator spot now that Jeremy Bates reportedly has decided to follow USC boss Pete Carroll to Seattle.

Gilbride, under contract until the end of 2010, would need to have an upgrade in job description, like assistant head coach, to join Lovie Smith. Then, there's still the rumor floating around that he's in the mix for the yet-to-be-opened Raiders job. Pro Football Talk reports that Al Davis is on the verge of firing Tom Cable, perhaps as early as today.

And then there is the longtime rumor that Gilbride could be interviewed for the open Bills head coaching spot, a job Gilbride told me earlier in the season he'd gladly take because of his previous good experience with owner Ralph Wilson as the Bills' offensive coordinator from 2002-03. That interview hasn't happened, however.

We'll see.



  1. i dont see what people see in him

  2. Ernie, What's going on in Jacksonville? Because I hear Jack Del Rio goot leave and head to USC.

    If that happens could this effect the Giants? They could handle the loss of Palmer or Gilbride, but I don't think both.

    What's your gut say about Gilbride? Is he gone? And Palmer I guess it depends what happens with Frazer.

  3. Gilbride won't go to Chicago. Chicago would have to make Gilbride Ass't Head Coach to get him out of his contract with the Giants. That AIN'T happening with Lovie making a fortune and Angelo being a control freak. Buffalo is looking for Russ Grimm. Oakland is Gilbride's only chance and he would be a fool to take that job. It would be one and done and his career in the NFL would over. Davis and JaMarcus are the deadliest coach killers the NFL has ever seen. Giants could end the suspense by giving Gilbride his freedom (which would put Chicago back in play) and elevating Palmer to coordinator. That might be the best case scenario for everyone involved.

  4. I thought Gilbride's contract was up?