Monday, January 18, 2010

While You Weren't Looking...

The other team that shares Giants Stadium is making a Giants-like run at the Super Bowl. At this point, it's very real, and it's very possible. A fumble here, a pick there, and they're in.

Guess Rex Ryan gets the old "It Ain't Braggin' If You Can Back It Up," award right now.

So while the J-E-T-S Jets get ready for their Championship game showdown with Indianapolis, we'll keep an eye out here for any coaching developments. Now that Perry Fewell is in as defensive coordinator, there could be a change or two this week. All is quiet so far, but as you know in these things, that can change quickly.

Anyway, for all the Giants elitists who thought the Jets' very appearance in the playoffs was a joke, enjoy the crow. I'm having mine Cajun style. MMMM, MMMM, dat dere beaucoup good, cher!



  1. Ha! Ernie! LOVE IT!! Thanks for givin' the thumbs up to Gang Green! :o)

  2. At least the Cowboys were gloriously eliminated from the playoffs.

    And how 'bout that Tony Romo? What a primetime player he is.

  3. i have no problem with the jets making a run. i'm glad its not the cowboys or eagles

  4. IF you actually watched the game, you'd have a hard time blaming Romo for that loss. When he wasn't being decked, hit, or rushed, he was running for his life.

  5. I really hope that's not a Giant fan defending the pitiful play of one Mr. Romo.

    Was that bone-crushing interception not his fault?

    Or how about the way the Cowboys completely dominated the first quarter, only to come away with 0 points?

    How about those fumbles? Was that the offensive lines fault? How many did he put on the ground? Three? All three came out crucial times to kill drives.

    So before you come on this blog and defend Mr. Choke himself make sure you watch more than just the fourth quarter when the game was already out of reach.

  6. I know Lawrence Tynes has gotten a lot of heat this season, but man, am I glad they have him over Nate Kaeding or Shayne Graham.

  7. Joke? After 2007, I don't count any team out. Good for them. Smashmouth big defense big run football....hey, didn't WE used to know how to do that?

    Glad to see SOME football pride in NY.

  8. what a difference a healthy oline can make. the cowboys fell apart without cheap shot adams. maybe we could have made a run if our unit had stayed healthy

  9. Elite D wins championships. The Jets D is elite. Enough said.

    The Giants, not so much in 2009.

    Chris B.

    P.S. Romo choked.

  10. Enough about Romo, how about Spears beating his chest and screaming because he made a tackle (it's called doing your job, Marcus) while his team was down 17 points in the fourth quarter. Is it me or does Dallas have the largest number of guys who pose and preen at the most inappropriate moments? Now, back on topic, congrats to the Jets. I wish them well, but I don't see a rookie QB beating Peyton Manning in the playoffs. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I won't be betting any money on the boys in green. If I worked on for the Jets, I would be trying to sell as many PSLs as possible BEFORE the Indy game. Peyton looked a little off against Baltimore and Indy still torched them. Scary good offense.

  11. I hate the cowboys as much as anyone but I've got to admit Romo didn't choke as bad as had in the past. The guy was beaten to a pulp so it wasn't entirely his fault and I do think the boy's are overrated! I have to admit Romo really hung in there considering he was crushed...literally.

    As for the Jets good for them!! They're playing the way I wished our Giants played! Smash mouth football!