Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guess He Wasn't Waiting Afterall

According to an ESPN report, Perry Fewell is ready to accept the Giants' defensive coordinator's job.

The report said Fewell hasn't let the Giants know of his decision, but an intermediary has told the Giants that they can expect to land their man.

Sounds like this is going to develop throughout the day.



  1. I know nothing about this guys.. Ernie, What can we expect from him and the defense if this is true?

  2. Ernie - Please tell us that the Tampa 2 defense he ran isn't a read-and-react type of defense...

  3. That was what I thought too. One thing I have read that is assuaging my concerns is that he is a db guru and great db coach/schemer. I hope this dope makes me eat all my previous words.