Thursday, January 7, 2010

Could Palmer Go?

As Tom Coughlin reportedly interviewed former Bills interim coach Perry Fewell today, the Bills were busy talking to Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier about the open head coaching spot. And speculation has begun, via an ESPN talk show, that if Frazier is the guy, he could bring Giants quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer along with him as offensive coordinator.

This probably wouldn't be a real good thing for the Giants as a team or Eli Manning as a quarterback. A lot of the credit for turning Manning into a 4,000-yard passer this year has gone to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, and rightly so. But the other component was Palmer, who is regarded as one of the strongest, most imaginative handlers of quarterbacks in the league.

There are already rumors that Gilbride could be a frontrunner for the Oakland job if Al Davis jettisons Tom Cable. The thought of losing both Gilbride and Palmer could be devestating to a staff that has already experienced some major upheavel on the other side of the ball, and should expect more in the days and weeks to come.

It doesn't appear that Davis has made a decision on Cable yet, and he does tend to move slow on these things. And that's kind of unfortunate for the Giants. If the Bills hire Frazier in the next week, Frazier would be in a position to move quickly and offer Palmer the step up in status. And if Gilbride found a head coaching job elsewhere, the Giants would be left with both positions to fill. The best scenario would be if Gilbride found his job first so Coughlin could immediately offer Palmer the offensive coordinator's job.

In my book, though, the best situation is both Gilbride and Palmer staying put. There's enough going on now with the defensive overhaul.

By the way, anyone think linebackers coach Jim Herrmann, DBs coach Pete Giunta, or safeties coach David Merritt are on their way out? I have a feeling Coughlin might hire his new coordinator and let him sort out the rest of the operation.



  1. I am not one of those calling for Gilbride's head but it wouldn't be such a bad thing to lose either of these guys. New voices are needed.

    Ern, what about the ST coach? Any word on his firing?

  2. I would think that it's only a matter of days before Hermann and Giunta are gone. I don't think Mara would allow them to stay. Let's be honest here: all three defensive units were embarassing this year. Not just bad, but embarassingly bad. If Wauffle is gone, the others are as good as gone too.

  3. I agree with the defensive coaches being fired. But I don't know about losing Gilbride and Palmer.

    As you said, they could lose Gilbride pretty late in the game, and that could be devastating. What cooridnators would be left?

    If Gilbride left, I just assumed the Giants would promote Palmer. But to lose both of them, that would be tough. Charlies Weiss would already be gone, as it looks as though KC is going to hire him.

    I don't know who else is out there, but that would be tough.

  4. Wayno2424:

    As far as I or anyone else knows, special teams coordinator Tom Quinn is still gainfully employed. Stay tuned.

  5. Don't you think that former Bill's Bobby April (ST coach of last year) would be a big upgrade over T.Quinn?

    P.S Would Mike Martz or Jim Harbaugh be suitabe replacements for our OC?

  6. Losing Palmer would drastically hurt this offense. Re-watching the 2007 game between the Giants and Patriots (when the Patriots won 38-35) it was obvious how much effect Palmer had on Eli. Eli rolled out to begin the 2nd half, threw a rainbow over Samuel and in front of another cornerback to a sliding Plaxico to put the Giants up 28-16. Eli doens't make that throw without Palmer.

  7. Ernie - Do you really think Gilbride is stupid enough to coach the Raiders? No job security insane owner/real coach, JaMarcus the two ton bust, and a team NO free agent wants to play for. How does ANYONE turn that train wreck around? If I wanted to be paid for year, be put in a no-win situation, guarantee that I'll be unemployed come the end of the season, and be viewed as a failure - I would want the Raiders job. Otherwise, you're a fool if you sign on for that grief.

    Here's what Rich Gannon, the Raiders former MVP QB said about Cable get the coaching job for the Raiders:

    "This guy, Tom Cable, the poor guy, does that he think he is more equipped and better prepared than his predecessors? In other words, if Gruden couldn’t make it there and Bill Callahan couldn’t make it there and then if Norv Turner couldn’t make it there and then Art Shell couldn’t make it there and then Lane Kiffin couldn’t make it there, why does he think, all of a sudden, he’s going to make it there? I don’t understand.”

    If Gilbride wants a piece of that, well, let's just say I hope he has college team lined for his next job because he won't work in the pros again.

  8. Dweez115,

    I understand where you are coming from but I think you are wrong. If Gilbride gets offered he takes it. The difference is Kevin isn't getting any younger and the pay day would be big. Guys just don't turn down these jobs because life in the NFL is precarious at the best of times. You have to take your shots when you get a chance, especially at Gilbrides age.

    Plus the Raiders, I can't believe I'm saying this, aren't that bad. Seriously. If you had a half decent QB they could be okay, probably 8-8 in their division. Now working for Al is crazy. No one will deny that but it's still a chance to run your own show.

    I'm 100% in the camp we don't want to lose Gilbride or Palmer. The offense, while having its ups and downs, was playoff calibre this year with a lot of young guys. That's what you want.

    BTW, I don't want to lose Ross either. He has done a great job as head of scouting. That would be a big blow for us. Time to circle the wagons Mara - don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    Chris B.

  9. Chris B - The fact that he is older is exactly why he should refuse the Raiders job. He will be one or maybe two years and he'll be done. Who will hire him after two bad seasons in Oakland at his age? Cowher doesn't have teams breaking down HIS door, so what chance would Gilbride have? Could the Raisers be decent if they had a QB? Sure and if I looked like Brad Pitt, I could marry Angelina Jolie. JaMarcus is not only still there, he recently ducked out an end of the season meeting to go to Vegas. And the Raiders covered for him. Makes the Giants troubles look like paradise. The Oakland job is career suicide.

  10. Wow, I can't believe I'm arguing going to the Raiders is a good thing. Actually. I'm not. I totally understand your points. However, would you be suprised if he took a Head Coaching job? I wouldn't, and that's my point. He get's a chance to run his own show and would make twice to three times the money. At his age, that's a chance he won't get too often.

    There are plenty of teams that have issues at QB. Al, let Cable bench JaMarcus this year so it is clear that he is not happy with him either. I guess what I'm saying is its plausible to me.

    Chris B.

  11. Sheridan was a disaster and had to go. Kildrive is just plain bad and should go.

  12. Giunta was a finalist for DC last year and apparentley courted by several other teams but the Giants wouldn't let him go. It looks like they made the wrong choice with Sheridan and now Waufle and the other defensive coaches have to pay? Makes no sense. I think this falls on Sheridan. These coaches were great when Spags was here.

  13. Don't start acting like u know how great these coaches are and the machinations of the Gisnts staff. I at least met Waufle for 30 seconds and he was a douche so this doesn't surprise me.