Tuesday, January 12, 2010

April Interview

Don't know if the Giants ever had any interest in former Buffalo Bills special teams coach Bobby April, but here's a bit of news. April, according to NFL.com, is scheduled to meet with new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan about coaching special teams down there.

One would think April, a Special Teams Coach of the Year twice in the last six years, could kick-start a Giants unit that grossly underperformed with Tom Quinn as its leader. Of course, no signs yet that Quinn will lose his job. But with his punting unit finishing 29th in the all-important net average, the kickoff coverage finishing 25th, and the kickoff returns finishing 28th, it would certainly be understandable if Coughlin did make a change.

There seems a good chance that April would go with Shanahan, though. And let's face it, there just aren't that many high-profile special teams coaches on the market.



  1. Quinn should have been shown the door shortly after Sheridan. That is an easy decision.

    Are the Giants brass freezing here?

    Chris B.

  2. sure looks that way doesnt it !!!!