Thursday, January 7, 2010

Romeo's Agent

Got an e-mail from Romeo Crennel's agent, Joe Linta. He said no meeting has been set up yet, but since Crennel is away on a pre-planned vacation, there won't be any news until next week, at any rate.

On another front, the firings have stopped for now. Nobody lost their job today. But as Scarlett O'Hara once said, tomorrow is another day. If I were a defensive or special teams assistant, I wouldn't get too comfortable.

Could be that Tom Coughlin will keep those guys around until the new coordinator gets in, and then let the new guy have input as to who stays and who goes. Also, remember that player evaluation and the gathering of certain stats for various contract incentives is probably still on-going. You need bodies for that. So some of those guys may get the boot after all the paperwork is done.

Like I said, they shouldn't get too comfortable.



  1. Tell Romeo to stay on vacation. We need a coach who won't put up with bs and plays bump coverage.

  2. Contract incentives...hum, I wonder if you can get clawbacks if you lay down for two or more games!!!!

    Chris B.

  3. Does Romeo not play bump coverage?

    And the 3-4 debate is really interesting. Tuck and Canty would be real solid as the ends. Actually probably pretty good at it. You have two solid LB's in Kiwi and Boley.

    And Goff could be a solid ILB, but the Giants would be missing two valuable pieces -- a nose tackle and a stud LB. Without a nose, you can't run the 3-4. I don't think Cofield would fit, but I don't know about Alford.

    And then you're missing a stud LB. You need one outstanding OLB to make the 3-4 defense legit. The Giants obviously had LT. The Chargers have Merriman, the Cowboys Ware, the Pats Mayo. The list goes on.

    We don't have that.

    Can Kiwi become a stud OLB? He could probably be good, but not a stud. Can Osi even make the transition? Probably not.

    That would be my biggest concern because I think you could either sign a solid NT or move Alford to that position. But you need a stud LB, and the Giants don't have that. Can Sintim become one?

    If I had to predict what the Giants D would look like in the 3-4: Tuck and Canty as the ends, Alford as the nose. Sintim and Kiwi on the outside. Boley and Goff in the middle.

    That's a weak middle. Maybe they could draft a stud ILB -- a Spikes or McClain perhaps?

    And then you still have the Osi problem.

  4. Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?

    Seriously. This is the guy. Bring him in. And any player that doesn't bow down and kiss his rings, ship them out.

    Choice #2: Pepper Johnson.

    You want to bring back the glory days, when the Giants played defense? Do it directly. Just say no to Perry Fewell and Dick Jauron!