Thursday, January 14, 2010

Assuming The Search Is Over...

and that's a big assumption considering how easily contract talks can fall apart, let's talk for a bit what the Giants will be getting in Perry Fewell as their defensive coordinator.

For one, they'll get someone who has already worked with Tom Coughlin, having served as Coughlin's secondary coach from 1998-2002 in Jacksonville. In 1999, Fewell had safety Carnell Lake go to the Pro Bowl.

He most recently served Buffalo as its defensive coordinator since 2006, and has actually done a nice job. The Bills ranked second among NFL defenses in 2006, and in 2008 ranked second in the AFC in tackles for losses. They didn't do so well this year, however, pulling in at No. 19 in overall defense. The Bills, which played a 4-3 up front, did finish second in the league with 30 interceptions. That's proof Fewell's basic Cover-2 philosophy can work with the proper personnel. And that's with the Bills making just 32 sacks, tying them for 18th with the Giants.

The question is whether the Giants have the players for that type of defense. One might think that an aggressive safety like Kenny Phillips, returning from knee surgery next year, might be wasted in a passive, read-and-react-type scheme as that.

There's a little background for you. Now, all we need is a signed contract and this search can be over. But keep in mind a report out of Chicago indicates Fewell is also talking to the Bears. Obviously, he's trying to get up a bidding war -- a battle the Giants could well lose.

Things don't seem as sure as they did an hour ago.



  1. Oh Ern, this is not good news.

    Why would they go back to a read-and-react system? It really makes no sense. Did Tim Lewis teach Tom Coughlin nothing? Did TC learn nada from Spags?

    I always go back to something Buddy Ryan always said when he created his 4-6 defense.

    A reporter asked him how he came up with the idea, and Ryan told him that he spoke to a number of different QB's, one of them being YA Tittle.

    And Buddy asked Tittle what type of defense made him uncomfortable -- one where they attack or cover.

    Tittle told Ryan, if you give a QB -- any QB in the NFL time to throw, he'll pick you apart. But a defense that came after him always made him a little uneasy.

    And there you have the creation of the 46.

    So why are they going back to a flawed system?

    If ture, this hire shows very little creativity. And I guess now we know why the Giants are keeping Peter Giunta -- another Cover-2 guy.

    Bad day for Big Blue.

  2. I'm not happy. Why did they only interview one candidate? I have a feeling we are in for a long year and we will be at this again in 2011...this time looking for a new Head Coach!

  3. Ernie, you should know better. If ESPN isreporting Fewell will accept the Giants job than you can bet he's going to be the Bear's DC shortly. The search will continue. I hope we get a chance to make Jerry Gray an offer.

  4. I like your thinking here Dan. I really don't want to suffer through another Lewis era. You know, I always kind of liked the 46 defense. Wouldn't be hard to incorporate it as part of a base 4-3. I think creativity is something this team has lacked this past season. Spags got creative. Gilbride is not creative and also got clocked by the inventor of the 46 defense. In this game today, one needs to be creative to keep up with the talent other teams have. Tampa 2, in my opinion, will greatly diminsh creativity. And KG needs to realize that by establishing the run, the playaction pass opens up, along with a flea flicker. In 2010, I want more creativitiy!