Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fewell's Situation

There is speculation that a lot of this holdup with Perry Fewell comes because he wants to leave his Buffalo option open as long as possible. You may remember that before he interviewed with either Chicago or the Giants about their defensive coordinator positions, Fewell was granted the first interview in Buffalo for the head coaching spot he filled this past year as an interim.

Can't blame him, really. But given the Bills' actions since he interviewed, one might think he'd be better off letting Buffalo go. Right now, they're trying to get Arizona asssistant head coach/offensive line coach Russ Grimm in for a talk. Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was also in, and the Bills are believed to have spoken to Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.

Sounds to me like Fewell isn't on the front-runner's list there. And if he waits much longer, he might not even wind up at the top of the Giants' list, especially if Jets linebacker coach Bob Sutton's season end's Sunday in San Diego. Then again, as I said previously, I'm not sure Fewell is the right guy for this defense, anyway. But from Fewell's end, he might be making a mistake waiting on Buffalo, if in fact that is what he's doing.



  1. I can't see the appeal of this guy. I think the Giants want somebody in the playoffs, maybe Sutton, but I would guess maybe a wild card or to a lesser degree maybe a candidate for assistant head coach. I just don't see what's to like about this moron Fewell.

  2. Ernie, looks like the Giants may get their man...

  3. Now that we know who the new DC will be and how his cover-2 dosent work with the giants , what do we know about the man ? How good of a defensive mind is he? Can he adapt as needed ? Do players respect him ? All these are more important then the actual scheme he ran.