Monday, January 11, 2010

Gonna See

We should get a good look this week at how the defensive coordinator situation will shake out as Romeo Crennel returns from his Aruba vacation, Perry Fewell chats with the Bears, and Pepper Johnson finishes licking his wounds after his Patriots were trounced out of the playoffs.

Who Coughlin doesn't bring in for interviews could be as telling as those he does talk to. For instance, still no word, right now that is, on whether Dick Jauron has been offered an interview. And -- just wondering here -- do you think Coughlin would even think about going to the Eagles/Jim Johnson tree again for, say, defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, especially after the way Dallas tore up that defense? I don't think so. You?

So what did we learn over the weekend?

* Mark Sanchez threw all of 15 times, didn't screw it up, and has thus made the turn from rookie to elite quarterback in 60 minutes. He will never, ever have another bad game again for the rest of his career.

* No matter how bad a guy's playoff record is, never count him out once he's in the tournament. Tony Romo proved that Saturday.

* The Amoeba defense, or whatever you want to call it (Green Bay called it the Psycho Defense) is not infallible, even though Denver made it look so against the Giants.

* Kurt Warner wasn't a Hall of Famer in my book before this year. But if he brings his team to a second consecutive Super Bowl, especially after that showing yesterday, he's in. Doesn't have to win it. Just get there.

* Arizona linebacker Karlos Dansby, a sixth-year player who is eligible as an unrestricted free agent whether it's an uncapped year or not, would certainly look fine in the middle of the Giants' defense next year.

* The glory days of New England Patriots football are over. They're just another good team now.



  1. glory days maybe over but i'd liek to start my offseason rebuilding with one of their players. i beleive wilfork is an unrestricted free agent?

  2. Kurt Warner wasn't a Hall of Famer and still needs to prove something??? huh Ern? Kurt Warner is a 2 TIME MVP, super bowl winner, only the second qb to throw over 100 tds for 2 teams. Not to mention he was on one of the BEST offenses of all time and didnt get a shot till he was nearly 30. What else does he need to do Ern?


  3. Wayno:

    My reason for thinking he wasn't a Hall of Famer is because he didn't do it long enough. His first three years were off the charts, but then he had that long, injury-riddled lull. It's almost like he's having two separate careers. To be in the Hall of Fame, for me, you have to be dominant most of your career. This year should bring him over the top. But that's just me, and I don't have a vote.

  4. Dansby in a Giants uniform would be too good to be true. That is an FA signing I could get seriously excited about!