Thursday, January 14, 2010

No April

A couple of days ago, we brought up the fact that former Bills special teams coach Bobby April might make a nice fit with the Giants, in view of their current problems and April's long track record of success.

Well, that will never happen now. For one thing, Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn still has his job. And for another, division foe Philadelphia just hired him. So now, instead of April perhaps turning around one of the worst units in the league, the Giants will now face him twice a year. If you thought DeSean Jackson gave them headaches this year, it'll be interesting to see what happens under the highly-accomplished April next season.

Meanwhile, still no word on the progress of Perry Fewell's apparent double-sided talks with the Giants and Bears. Word from my guy Ralph has it that this may not be resolved until the weekend.


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  1. Ernie - given Jackson's value as their big play WR, how much long do you think Philly risks having him on special teams? Kinda has a Jason Sehorn feel to it. Seems like a great idea - until he gets hurt. Of course, Jason had Angie Harmon, which made being hurt a lot more tolerable.