Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And A Little More On Injuries...

As if we haven't talked about bumps and bruises and aches and pains enough, now comes word that the torn meniscus LB Michael Boley had in his left knee was a complete surprise to him. He said he went over the tape of the game and could see no instance where someone hit him low or rolled up on him.

"I was surprised," he said of the determination that he needed surgery. "I felt discomfort on the plane, and then when we got back it really started hurting. So I told the trainers and they said, 'Let's have a look at it.'"

"I watched the tape and I couldn't see anywhere where I got hit. It didn't bother me at all during the game."

Boley is expected to miss four weeks, possibly longer considering the bye comes up after the week he's potentially due back against San Diego. But he's hoping to be back sooner.

"It's very frustrating," he said. "I was finally back in the game and starting to play well, and then this happens. There's no timetable right now. My timetable is what the training staff and doctors tell me to do. I'll do what they say. I'm just hoping for a speedy recovery."

Meanwhile, TE Kevin Boss said he's seen improvement in his sprained right ankle, though he won't commit to playing Sunday.

"The swelling's down a lot, but it's their call," he said. "I'm just preparing like I'm playing, and then I'll leave it to the training staff."

Boss injured the ankle on his 24-yard reception near the end of the first half, and then re-entered the game in the second half.

"That probably didn't do it a lot of good," Boss said. "They gave me a choice to come out, but I stayed in."

If Boss can't make it, rookie Travis Beckum would become the main tight end receiving target, as opposed to Darcy Johnson. Beckum said he hasn't blocked a lot. Instead, they have him concentrating on working the slot and the H-back type position out of the backfield. Though Beckum is slowly working his way into the passing game with receptions the last two games, losing the reliable, tough-minded Boss would be yet another blow to an air game already in jeopardy because of Eli Manning's injured heel. Beckum would have to play beyond his years to equal Boss' potential contributions both in the receiving and blocking aspects, and that's not likely to happen.

Opinions, anybody?



  1. These injuries are starting to get a crazy. Hopefully Eli and Boss can start the game play for a half and get out of there with a nice lead. Any word on Sintim? Getting him on the field rushing the qb should help the depth at LB.

  2. Ernie,
    I'm not one to look down on any opponent, but the Raiders are abysmal. Wouldn't it be safer for the Giants to sit Eli and start Carr? Same thing goes for Kevin Boss. Why risk further injury to both, when a week of rest would do some good.

  3. Why would u ever start David Carr. It is plantar facitis not a broken foot. Painful but nothing more (I had a mild case and it was not even that bad). Kevin Boss should sit because he is not that good and Beckum looks like he could be a stud.

    Ern, thanx for the video of Kehl. I guess I have seen a few casts in my day and probably could have pictured it but the visual was fantastic. U are on top of the game and should be at the News or Post. I mean Paul Shwartz looks like he has had plastic surgery and he covers football??

  4. Why haven't they tried Madison Hedgecock out at TE? He's a big guy who can block, and seems perfectly suited when they go 3 wide with Jacobs or Bradshaw alone in the backfield. He definatley improves the running game in those formations, and he's shown CAN catch a ball, even if it is just an out or a screen.