Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad News on Ross

CB Aaron Ross wound up sitting out practice after having to leave early yesterday when his bad hamstring didn't feel right. So any hopes of him returning to play Sunday, and perhaps the following game, pretty much went out the window after individual drills Wednesday.

"It just didn't feel right," Ross said. "Very disappointed. I tried to go out there, but the leg's still not ready yet."

Ross said he didn't even last long in the individual drills, recognizing immediately that he wasn't able to go.

"Now, just wait until I can get it right," said Ross, who thought he had a shot at playing in Kansas City at the start of the week. "It's very frustrating, but keep my head up."

Ross said he didn't hurt the muscle any more, however.


In reference to a recent comment, Kenny Phillips' surgery was, in fact, microfracture surgery. That's typically an eight-month rehab.


Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said he be "shocked" if Ahmad Bradshaw didn't play on Sunday. Yet, Bradshaw spent his second straight practice with a boot around his sprained right foot and ankle, though Tom Coughlin said he might take some work tomorrow.

"We're going to play it very close to the vest," Coughlin said. "He may get some snaps tomorrow. We're going to wait and see on that as well."

Bradshaw seemed intent on playing.

"I'm just trying to take it easy right now," the running back said. "I'm getting ready to go out this week and play.

"I feel good about it. I'm just trying to get mentally prepared. The boot just keeps me from pounding it, which is the aggravation that's always in my ankles."


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  1. I know this may sound stupid, but why does Ross ride the bike for a hurt hamstring. My guess is that he's done. I've mentioned this before Coughlin has always had the reputation as someone who's tolerance for injuries is low and he rushes players back too soon. You watch Sintim will be out again down the road. Tuck needs to be careful that Coach T doesn't end up ruining his season. My advice to the injured, take two weeks off; Chiefs and Raiders are winnable without you.