Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eli Intent on Playing

Eli Manning spoke in the locker room, and here's some video of that. From his tone and demeanor, it seems he's intent on playing Sunday despite the injured plantar fascia in his right heel. He would not be adverse to playing without practicing, but wants to make sure he's a full-go.

"If I feel I can go out there and play at a high level," he said, "I'll go out and play. I'm not going to do anything to put myself in the way of harm, though."

Tom Coughlin said it could be a gametime decision.

Manning said it's all a matter of how much pain he can operate with. He noticed a bit of pain in his foot, which the Giants are calling plantar faciitis, two weeks ago. But it never kept him from doing anything in practice or the game.

His right shoulder sprain two years ago gave him more cause for concern than this.

"On Wednesday, I couldn't throw the ball more than 10 yards," he said, remembering that injury that had some pundits predicting a month-long layoff. In reality, Manning never missed a game. "

Here's the video.

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