Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boley Undergoes Surgery

The cost of the Giants' victory over Kansas City just got a bit steeper, according to a statement the organization just released. LB Michael Boley, who suffered knee stiffness on the plane ride home, underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his right knee.

Though the surgery went well, the recovery time is approximately four weeks. If he holds to that, he'll be back in time for the San Diego game on Nov. 8, which starts the second half of the season. The bye does come a week later, however, so it's conceivable the Giants could keep him out a tad longer to let him benefit from an extra two weeks of rest.

It's a shame because Boley had his best game of the season last week. He didn't miss a play, and had a sack and four tackles for losses. Now, it's a question of whether Chase Blackburn or Bryan Kehl will take over the weakside spot.

Have to see tomorrow who practices with the first unit there. My guess it's Blackburn, who started at WSL as Boley served a one-game league suspension in the opener.



  1. Kehl did look pretty sharp on ST last week, though. I think that shouldn't go without reward.

  2. Kehl has played lights out all year on special teams. I would like to seee him get a shot.

  3. Ernie, what's going on with with Clint Sintim and Canty? With Boley out and Tuck banged up those two guys can really pressure the quarterback.

    Do you think they could come back this week?

  4. I think Sintim might have a shot, since he's been taking limited practice the last couple of weeks. But Canty hasn't gotten off the sidelines. He'd have to show a lot to be activated this week.

  5. Is it my paranoia as a Giants fan, or do the Giants consistently have more injuries at any given time, than almost any other team? If that is case, why? Is it a problem with the training staff, or just bad luck? This problem goes all the way back to Coughlin's predecessor at least. Remember when he came in, he said the Giants injury problems were partly mental, or something like that. It would be interesting for someone to compare weekly injury lists with other teams over the last 10 years.