Monday, October 5, 2009

Here's Eli on the Injury

Just got done with Eli Manning, who heads out for an MRI later. He doesn't seem particularly worried. He entered the locker room walking only with a slight hitch in his step, but without crutches or even a walking boot or tape.

Here's the video of him talking about the prognosis.

And here's Tom Coughlin on the injury. Remember, Manning hasn't taken the MRI yet and the optimism could turn around after that. We'll update later on.

In other injury news, LB Michael Boley's knee stiffened up on the planeride home and he was sent for tests today. And Kevin Boss was taking treatment on an ankle sprain incurred near the end of the first half. "He's had it before," Coughlin said.

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  1. and boley is out a couple of weeks