Monday, October 5, 2009

An MRI For Eli

It's too early to read anything pessimistic into this, but Eli Manning will go for an MRI on his right leg later this afternoon, according to a team spokesman. There was some swelling and soreness this morning, and he received ice and stimulation treatment at the stadium and then went through his strength program and meetings.

We'll have an update later on, after team physician Dr. Russ Warren goes over the films.

The thing to remember here is that football teams hand out MRIs like candy. An offensive lineman with the slightest twinge gets one, so obviously a quarterback with a heel situation would also get one.



  1. This is scary. QB is one of the few positions in which the Gmen are lacking depth. David Carr looked terrible in the preseason. Is Bomar still on the practice squad? Or would we look to Jeff Garcia or someone else from the outside, if Manning can't play.

  2. Picking up Jeff Garcia might be a smart move. Carr has not looked good at all. The same old problems he's had before, holds it too long and he's afraid to pull the trigger and get the ball into a tight spot. What other QBs are available; chris simms, Brian Griese, ...where's Jon Kitna these days? all might be better than Carr.