Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Good One

Here's another good story, this one from the New York Times, about Bear Pascoe. Tight end by trade, cowboy by lifestyle, Pascoe has been getting some first-team work while Kevin Boss recovers from ankle surgery. The Giants have him marked as a blocking tight end, which was basically what he was last year. But he can catch passes too.

Oh, and if you need him to, he can lasso your steer.



  1. Bear Pascoe cannot catch and is lumbering. Let's not get ahead of ourselves Ern.

  2. I wonder how Jake Ballard is doing. Faster than Pascoe and has better hands. Haven't heard much about him from camp though.

  3. Boy, the optimism around here is overwhelming. Pascoe demonstrated last year that he has potential and looked good the few times we saw him in games. From what I have read, he is having a solid, if not good, camp. How is that getting ahead of ourselves? I like Bear and hope that he continues to the trend towards our BLOCKING TE, as Ernie points out. Any pass he catches is a bonus.

    I thought I read that Ballard is nursing an injury.

  4. Don't bother reading Ed Valentine's piece on what we have learned, complete waste of time, nothing that hasn't been lamented at length in blogs.

    Here's what i want to know:
    1-Sintim, is he starting by default or has he shown something. Basically I never read a thing about how he looks. This is a second round pick.

    2-Is Beatty the tackle of the future or is he sliding in by default (injury) as well

    3-Give me the 6 or 7 WR that are going to make this squad. Who will return punts?

    Here's my observations of camp:
    -Defense looks energized especially at corner and safety. LBs not so much. I want to see more of Dillard
    -Def line looks solid, good rotation, the younger players are contributing.

    -Oline, very much a question mark. Petrus is starting to stand out because he's nasty and athletic. Maybe it's because the current guys are worn down?

    -Eli looks good, not great, and he gets picked alot in practice.

    -Jacobs, not showing much, Bradshaw showing more, Brown seems to be ahead of Ware.

    The Giants need to think about the backup QB situation, neither of them look good. Bomar has a wierd motion but he has zip. Sorgi doesn't seem to have much of either.

  5. Does playing Kiwi at LB say anything about where the other LBs are? or is it just a wrinkle? ONe might expect that with a new coordinator and new scheme that it's probably too early for wrinkles.

  6. Anonymous from 9:41 am, I remember last year at this time, Eli had a lot of INTs in practice. Someone on a blog said this was not out of the norm for him to thorw INTs during camp. Be worried if he throws them in pre-season games. I agree that not a lot of information has been produced regarding Sintim, Dillard, etc. Would like to see more.