Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow Recovery

Sorry for blogging so late, but I had a lot of trouble recovering from a big blast of hot air that came over my HBO hookup last night between 10 and 11 p.m. Hard-knocked me right on my back.

I'm okay now, though. Just...gotta...stay...away...from... that...Rex! By the way, coach, your Rex-proclaimed best player in the league is playing video games with me, in case you're wondering.

Anyway, looks like the Jets are having all the fun right now. The Giants added more injuries to the growing list today. Here's Mikey G.'s recap of practice.

So, Darrelle. Madden rematch? It's on, baby!



  1. LOL

    Ernie, are you a PS3 man or an Xbox kinda guy?

  2. Ernie - Be CAREFUL!!! You may force Wayno to chose between his man crush for you and his man crush for sexy Rexy! Wayno strikes me as the "bunny boiler" kind when he feels jilted. He won't be ignored!!! If I was you, I'd set the alarm tonight.

  3. Now don't you go worryin' 'bout that "Wanyo" critter none Ernie. I got my eye on him and I'll lay a good whuppin' on 'im if he comes near ya.

  4. man the jets are carried away with themselves. watching how these guys really are, really diminishs things....

    a lot of narcisses out there

  5. The Jets D was infinitely better than the Giants D last year and that is not hyperbole. They can act like that and have a good coach just like the Giants. There are so many haters because that show was SICK!

    BTW Ern is the GREATEST Giants journalist of ALL TIME finally giving me the up to the minute updates I've been craving for years. So yes I DO have a
    man crush, ERN RULES!

  6. Do we start worrying about all these injuries now or should we be glad they're all happening this early in the season?

    A lot of them, Osi's hip, Snee & O'Hara's swelling, sound like issues that will have to be managed throughout the season.

  7. can we avoid speaking of the jets

  8. is there any reason to think Brandon Jacobs will have a bounce back season? Patty T does think so...I tend to agree

  9. Patty T does NOT think so, is that what you meant?

  10. I do not think Jacobs is in for a bounce-back year. I think by the end of the season Bradshaw and Brown will get the majority of the carries.

    Also, is Wayno anointing the Jets Pre-Season Super Bowl champs? Why do you like Rex? Because he talks $hit and had one 9-7 season? They were one game better than the Giants, and the Jets last two teams didn't even play, so the Jets could have easily been 8-8 or 7-9.

    Let's get off the bandwagon. And one last thing on the Jets, besides the Revis situation, the Jets gave up a valuable member of the O-line and have a suspect running game. Is Greene and LT supposed to take over for what Thomas Jones, Leon Washington and Green did last year?

    Oh, and by the way, the Jets can't get to the QB unless they overload the blitz. Hell, they struggle getting to the QB in a standard blitz and can never get to the QB in a straight rush. There's some Jet problems you can digest Wayno.

  11. By the way, isn't this a Giants thread?

  12. Dan, not that I'm a Jet fan, but the Jets defense took a big hit when they lost Kris Jenkins early in the season. He's a major part in what they do and they had to come up with a way to compensate for his loss, hence the excessive use of blitz schemes.

    Also, Jacobs put in a lot of time in the off-season to get back to where he once was. It's way too early to write the big fella off. We need all of these guys back healthy.