Thursday, August 26, 2010

O'Hara Out

On top of all the other Giants injuries, news came today that C Shaun O'Hara's preseason is most likely done.

O'Hara had that troublesome left foot placed in a hard cast yesterday, and that will stay on the next three to five days in hopes of settling his case of Achilles tendonitis and ankle swelling. While no surgery is indicated, it appears that O'Hara will have to deal with this the entire season.

Rich Seubert, once thought endangered at left guard due to the Will Beatty-David Diehl battle at left tackle, took all the first-team snaps at center today and will start there Saturday in Baltimore. Tom Coughlin said he'll take 20 to 25 snaps, after which second-string center Adam Koets will come in.

"It’s just something I’ve been dealing with pretty much all through camp,” O’Hara said. "I’ve had some good days and some bad days. It’s been something we’ve been kind of coping with and working through. It’s reach the point where we decided we need to just try to isolate it and give it some complete and total rest."

The question here is whether anyone out there would feel comfortable with Seubert or Koets there over the long run. Moving to Koets has its obvious dangers. But Seubert has taken practice snaps at center throughout his career. He said he was even inserted there for a two-minute drill in Carolina in 2006.

Hate to be a pessimist here, but O'Hara's condition is probably going to haunt him all season. Wouldn't be surprised if he's in and out of the lineup. But Seubert is a gamer, willing to play just about anywhere. Whether he can do a credible job over the long run is the issue.

In another piece of news, DT Jay Alford sat out with swelling in his surgically-repaired left knee, but said he expects to play Saturday. The knee acted up on him after he went full-out on it Monday, and Coughlin was surprised when he was out there practicing Wednesday. But the trainers decided to rest him today.

"It does get sore, but I've got to learn to fight over it," Alford said. "Every day is not going to be the greatest."

Others missing practice included WR Sinorice Moss (groin), Terrell Thomas (calf), DT Chris Canty (groin), CB Aaron Ross (heel), QB Jim Sorgi (shoulder), WR Ramses Barden (back), TE Travis Beckum (hamstring), LB Chase Blackburn (knee), RB DJ Ware (concussion), and DE Jason Pierre-Paul (groin), and S Michael Johnson (back).

S Sha'reff Rashad was back at practice after missing the last three days with a concussion.



  1. They are going to have to put me on IR soon. As soon as I read the headline, I gave myself a concussion banging head against desk. At least O'Hara is resting now, rather than later on. Hope he can make it through the season without being a liability on the offensive line. O'haha has always been a tough dude, so hopefully this will be a non-issue.

    Noticed that you wrote Moss is sidelined...again and/or still...doesn't matter, they need to CUT him. Also, cut Michael Johnson, especially if Rashad is better. How has the new guy been doing, Matt O'Hanlon?

  2. we go again. Another year of the injury bug. I'm not liking this at all. The most consistent area of our team over the last few years is meeting its end and I'm not sure we're even remotely prepared for this.

    DEFINITELY prefer Seubert at center over Koets and I see no reason to go another way with it.

    What's urgent now is gettign Andrews into the lineup and developing Petrus as best we can.

  3. All this injury news lowers my season prediction to another 8-8. I had real high hopes entering camp, but this injury bug cannot be killed.

  4. Curious to know thoughts on Plaxico stiffing Feagles for the number 17:

  5. Why does everybody think the Giants are so bitten? This is football, injuries happen and the Giants have had one bad injury, the result of the 1.6 billion piece of junk and have gone thru this preseason w the normal bumps and bruises. Relax, all of u and if u want something to complain about complain about the lack of athletes on ST and the porous LB crew.

  6. Feagles is a jerk. Talk about piling on a guy when he is down. But I would expect nothing less from the Brett Favre of punters who left the Giants 2 days b4 the draft forcing the team that gave him a legacy to make an impulse pick that shoulda been used on an athlete.

  7. The giants need to focus on replenishing the O line through the draft, trade or FA. The Eagles went out and got Jason Peters from Buffalo, a pro bowler in the prime of his career.

    Cowboys picked up Leonard Davis (pro bowl),Columbo and drafted Gurode.

    The giants don't have as much to show for the last two drafts and FA in the Oline.

  8. I'm not so sure that Seubert is a downgrade from O'Hara. Seubert is a better blocker and may be able to serve as that anchor for a better push up the middle. I'm more concerned with these groin injuries, in particular Canty. Talk about nagging, Andy Petite is still out for the Yankees.

  9. Wait a minute, Wayno. You are entitled to an opinion, but that is an accusation. Piling on the guy when he's down? What...are you actually going to bat for the convicted felon because you think the Giants are going to give him a chance after he's released from JAIL? The number one crazy fan doesn't want the Giants to upset that apple cart? Feagles was a reliable guy who was there for how ever many straight games...and the Favre comparison? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, considering he tried, but couldn't do it anymore at the age of 44. But no, you don't see see the guy screwing the Giants, and in turn, screwing you. Which is very unhealthy, if you ask me. I am now starting to think instead of the crying youtube Giant fan, you are approaching the level of Paul Aufiero.

  10. Feagles contemplated retirement and wanted to be wined and dined by the Giants even getting concessions on missing practice for five straight yes until finally screwing the gmen. The favre comparison is spot on.

  11. Of course we know all know Wayno is right. He knows Feagles personally, was told this by Jeff himself, and we all know he knows more than 99% of the people posting here because he told us so. After all, it must be EXACTLY like Favre because Feagles announced he was coming back and forced the Giants to trade him to an AFC team, just like Favre did to GB. Oh, wait, Feagles was a free agent, could have gone to any team that met his "conditions" and, yet, he CHOSE to resign with the Giants. If he "wanted to wined and dined", why sign the contract? Why not stay a free agent and sign with a team after the preseason? BTW - The Favre trade to the Jests was announced in early August, so Feagles is REALLY straying from the script by not even coming back to play yet! Let's not forget the guy is walking away from $900Gs and given that a lockout is very likely for next year, knows this was his last chance to play. That's what you have to love about Wayno. He'll never let facts get in the way of a good story.