Friday, August 6, 2010

Receiver Alert

Today apparently was a dangerous day to be a pass-catcher of any kind. While Mario Manningham and his sore groin did return to make a 60-yard grab, Steve Smith pulled out of practice early because of an apparent groin injury. So, too, did rookie TE Jake Ballard with a hamstring. And shortly after those two left, rookie WR Duke Calhoun was walked off the field with an unknown injury.

Meanwhile, looks like the eminent Guy Whimper has taken the injured Rich Seubert's place at left guard. Probably should expect to see him in there, since fifth-round guard Mitch Petrus is getting work behind Chris Snee on the right side. Make your own conclusions, but I would think the gut feeling on Whimper would be "Hurry back, Seubert!"

Also, the Giants waived WR Adam Jennings, who some people on this blog seemed to be high on as a potential kick returner, and signed WR Nyan Boateng from Cal.



  1. Why wouldn't it be Diehl? Is he bike riding today?

    Ernie - Ralph V has a piece today about Jacobs downfall in production last year. Curious as to your take on it. Was it just Jacobs style and ability or was it scheme? Seems Gilbride was more pass happy and when he DID run Jacobs, he bounced him outside FAR TOO OFTEN.

  2. What is it about the Giants practice methods and/or their conditioning program that these guys keep getting hurt? This is ridiculous. I keep thinking back to Coughlin's press conference when he was first hired. He called the injuries a 'cancer', blaming it on a mental type of thing. What a joke. I know injuries are part of the game, but the Giants shoot themselves in the foot over and over with these injuries. hire the best conditioning coach in the business. it would be worth every penny!!

  3. Anyone see the SI article on Hagan today? Mostly inflated fluff (as Hagan plays with 2nd team mostly), but it'd be interesting how much of a name he can make for himself in the pass game.

    I only remember his TD grab against the Skins last year...

  4. Tom Coughlin remains the only head coach in the NFL that cannot seem to get his backs and ends in and out of camp healthy. Something very wrong is going on with this pre-season regimen.