Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bradshaw Coming

Ahmad Bradshaw appears to be coming back well from surgery on both feet and his left ankle. He's made several good plays over the first nine practices, and he appears to be getting as much, if not more, work than Brandon Jacobs.

Here's Mike Eisen's story on him from



  1. Great article on Bradshaw in the New York Daily News today.

    He had the option of participating in one daily practice but he's going full speed in both practices each day. He says that he's in no pain and sitting out of practices hurts more than it helps. For a kid that might have been a "problem" coming out of Marshall, he sure shows a lot of maturity, professionalism, and guts.

  2. I am happy Tim Brown might stick at kr. Maybe he can be a gunner too because Hagan sucked as one last year.