Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cruzing The Jets

Victor Cruz certainly made a case for himself for the 53-man roster last night with a six-catch, 145-yard, three-touchdown performance. And, best for him, Tom Coughlin seems to be well onboard. In fact, he sounded downright ebullient in talking about Cruz' performance.

"Justice has been served," he said. "Cruz has had an outstanding camp. He works hard every day, he's made plays this past week, and he was outstanding tonight."

Unless he totally disappears over the next three games, one should probably pencil him in for a roster spot, perhaps at the expense of Sinorice Moss, who sits injured and incurring the impatience of the Giants' staff. He's been around for a while now and has done little to justify his second-round draft status, so Cruz might just be the excuse the Giants need to get rid of him.

Cruz, a New Jersey native, is a kid who sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders. He's not guaranteeing himself anything.

"I hope it means a lot," Cruz said of his first preseason performance. "I just hope I can come out and make this team."

If he keeps playing the way he did last night, the Giants won't have any choice about it. A one-handed grab for a 60-yard touchdown was followed by a wonderful, twisting grab in traffic for a 16-yard gain. Compared to those two grabs, his others were routine. But one thing became apparent. He's a very good route-runner, with fine hands and good separation speed.

"He's an every day guy," Coughlin bubbled. "He's on every team, and he plays the scout team, too. I've been telling the writers up there, celebrate this guy. He deserves it. Go ahead, write stories about him. I'm glad he had a good game."

Coughlin would do himself a big favor by starting him Saturday against Pittsburgh. Need to see the kid with the ones.

Anybody else think he's a lock for the roster?



  1. He should be a lock.

    Ern, what was up with the live blog last night? Are the Giants gonna fix the problem? I was quite disappointed.

  2. I want him to be a lock. But, with Sinorice Moss lurking in the shadows, you just never know.

  3. As I said several times during the blog, internet was a disaster last night. Wasn't the Giants' fault. This was the Jets' home game, so it was their internet. Hopefully, things improve as the preseason goes on. Only other option was a flock of carrier pidgeons, but I'm allergic to feathers.

  4. Cruz should be the end of Moss. I'll be shocked if Coughlin doesn't start Cruz Saturday after all the hype he's sent his way thus far. Glad to see the kid had such a great debut. It's easy to pull for an underdog like him.

  5. Moss wore out his usefulness years ago. Not a special teams performer, not able to break through into the WR starting rotation, chronically injured. He's a good guy? Great! Slap a Giants polo shirt on him and make him an assistant WR coach. Just don't let him waste a roster spot one more year. Too many holes on this team to fill to have a spot taken by a "good guy" who does nothing on the field. B-U-S-T. Not ready to say Cruz is "the guy" based on one game, but he absolutely earned the right for some playing time against a starting defense. The Giants HAVE to find out if he's the real deal or a one preseason game superstar. I'm leaning towards the real deal. Great hands are great hands no matter who's covering you.

  6. Victor Cruz was a stud at Umass for 3 years. Here is a great clips package UMASS put together of Cruz' game last night..... EXCITED!!!!!!!


  7. Great find Wayno but lets not blow his head up to much guys cause next thing you know Cruz is going to want a contract extension. LOL

  8. Coughlin raves about him. All the QB's that played last night made it an initiative to get him the ball. Pretty much sums up that the guy is a tremendous surprise as he goes out and makes the best out of the opportunities provided to him. Speaks volumes.

    Forget about making the team, if he continues to play well and remain injury free, I'd look for him to un-seat the injury prone Manningham.

  9. I want to see how he performs against starters before we declare him the next Jerry Rice. There are always superstars in August who never amount to anything come September. That said, he destroyed the Jets' scrubs last night. I'm wondering why this guy was a free agent... He has decent size (6-1, 200lbs) and OK speed (4.47 40)... I guess it's the small school stigma.

  10. Let's not forget that Moss is a pre-season superstar. Prior to this year, he would always have big summers and then flatline once the regular season rolled around. I agree that Cruz looked excellent last night and I truly hope he can knock Moss off the roster. I think that Smith, Nicks, Manningham, Barden, Hagan, and Cruz looks like a great WR line-up. I would like to see Cruz return some punts/kicks, as I think Wayno pointed out. John B, thanks for the dimensions on Cruz. 4.47 is not too bad, I mean, better than a 4.5. But, looks like he was playing faster last night than his 40 time would suggest. I think he should get a look either this week or next week against some starting DBs. Let's see what he's got. When you get a new Corvette, you don't want to just take it on the long, wide open highways, you also want to take it on the windy, twisty roads as well, if you catch my drift.

  11. I'll have to disagree with you on that one CE718. Moss's preseasons were good and solid but he never had a superstar game like this kid Cruz did last night. In fact Moss has a had a pretty lackluster preseason and regular season combined! That guy is a looser! Nice guy but a looser player!

    If Cruz can continue his play...and please don't get injured I'd also be shocked if he didn't make the team!

    I'll have to agree with the sentiments above this guy has the potential to unseat Manningham!

  12. Jim Sorgi:
    "Not a long shot no more. He's definitely an NFL player. He's a guy that's going to make plays for you. He knows what he's doing on the field. He's smart. He runs great routes, and he just gets open. You got certain guys in the NFL that just have a knack for getting open, and he's one of those guys.

    "Victor has looked tremendous in practice. He's made some great catches from me in practice. He just transferred it to the game field, which is what you've got to do in this league. He's going to be a heck of a player for us."

  13. 1138sw, I might have been a bit over-zealous regarding Moss, but I remember distinctly last year, he had a very good preseason overall, maybe did not have the statistical game that Cruz did. He did, however, have great practices and scrimmages. But, yeah, that did not translate into anything come regular season games. The point is, I hope that Cruz is just not a pre-season wonder. I don't think he is, but one never knows until Week 1.

  14. Even if Cruz beats out Moss, what are the odds he'll see any time on the field? Smith, Nicks, Manningham all take top priority and they're gonna be trying hard to get Barden into the mix. With their concervative methods of adding in new guys, we might just be signing future trade bait...

  15. Thats just silly gggggggggg-woman
    1. He plays every special team and scout team and the Giants could use help in both
    2. Ever heard of a 4 receiver set? What has Barden showed?
    3. WR, especially the Giants group always get hurt
    4. Trade bait??? huh???

  16. ggggg-men - even if he is future trade bait, I think we'd all take a future 3-4th rd pick from a WR needy team in exchange for an UDFA.

    I want to see Cruz against some better (1st team) DB's before I commit, but I will say that if I'm Sinorice Moss, I'm going to be back on the field tomorrow, groin or not. Looks like his roster spot is finally in true danger.

    Also, odds that the Giants take 3 QBs on the roster? Bomar looked good enough last night that I don't think he will slip to the practice squad again.

  17. I would like to see what Cruz does in the next three games, but I'm in the process of helping Moss pack.

    Let's put him in with the first team (maybe in the 3rd game) and let's see what happens.

    Speaking of first team, if we play like we did in the first half, another 8 - 8 season is a possibility. Besides the Rolle INT, there was nothing to really be excited about.

  18. Whino -
    1. Hagan is the gunner and he won't be beat out by a flash from an UDFA.

    2. No, I never heard of a 4 WR set in my life. How odd a thing. Please explain to me oh wise one. Barden has showed nothing, but it doesn't mean they're not committed to him. Dropping his first pass in a preseason game means nothing. They traded up in the draft to get him, so he'll see field time. We've seen a good preseason game and good practices out of Cruz so far (just like Moss used to do), but he has a ways to go to prove himself for game time in the reg season.

    3. Ok....so. Hagan and Barden are still ahead of him on the chart.

    4. Yes, trade bait. When you are talent rich and deep in one position, somebody isn't going to get the time they deserve and become trade bait.

  19. Yea Cruz looked great last night, and yes moss has looked great in practice. In the preseason as well, but he doesn't even make the active roster during the season. Why not if he is so good during practices? Its kind of hard to show what you have if you don't get to play, even when he is active they don't put him on the field. But when he is on the field he can play, for example 2 years ago against Seattle he scored 2 touchdowns and made some plays. When he has been playing he is more consistent than Manningham. So many people bash on Moss, but I don't see the point, he hasn't been given a chance by being on the inactive list. He can't be all that bad, or the coaching staff would have let him go. Lets see what Cruz does against the 1's before we give him an automatic roster spot. Not saying that he wont, or that I wouldn't like to see him earn one. Just want more proof. As far as Moss, he still is a favorite of mine, and the day the Giants let him go, will be the day that he lights it up with another team. That's why I think he needs an opportunity with Big Blue, that's where I want him to make the plays he makes at practice.

  20. After last night's performance he definitely has my vote.

  21. Jason, you make some good points, but let me add to it. The reason why Moss doesn't see any real game time action is because he seems to be hit by the injury bug at the worse possible times, he doesn't play special teams, and he hasn't proven to be better than the guys listed in front of him. It's really as simple as that. And for the reason he's still on the team...he's a team player and provides adequate insurance against injury to the others ahead in the depth chart.

    And the chatter about Cruz being trade bait. That's simply not going to happen. Can't even tag value to him, but he could make others expendable.

  22. Agree that we're going to need to see him against 1's before we'll know for sure, but TC certainly seems to be a believer. I cant remember Coughlin ever talking up a player as much as he has Cruz. Likes his work ethic, likes his skills, etc.

    I think Cruz still has to prove himself a bit more to lock a roster spot, but having the head coach in his corner tells me this kid has a pretty god shot.

  23. *pretty good shot

  24. Doctors are worried about Eli putting on a helmet with where the stitches are and Coughlin is aware but wants him back at practice. I think management will tell TC to calm it down. Eli doesnt need to practice or play in the next 10 days. I hope he doesnt even take another snap in preseason but doubt that will happen.