Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Practice

Here's some video of the final practice before the dress rehearsal in Baltimore. Note that Eli Manning is throwing just fine in his new helmet.



  1. Thanks again for the vid!

    Definitely going to be interesting to see Bulluck out there....and WHERE he'll be.

  2. These videos are priceless. Thanks for the extra effort Ernie

  3. Great video Ernie! You said it gggmen, Bulluck could be the cog that makes this defense go into high gear. In the same respect, he gets hurt, and we are looking at mediocrity in the LB corps. Disappointed that I have not heard anything about Dillard, guess he is not having a great camp then.

  4. Article by Mike G on Adrian Tracy, who seems to be better fit as a converted college end to OLB. I'd like to see him against the ones.

    in terms of Dillard. The giants just don't seem to get it when it comes to MLB, two years ago the draft was full of them, and we didn't move to get one. The giants have too many question marks to use the "best player available" mantra. They need and still need a starting MLB or permanent fix at Left Tackle. The drafting of players like Barden, Beckum, JPP are all done at the expense of not picking for need, and not using these 2nd and 3rd rd slots to move up and get the player you need, rather than what's left for you. Sad to say 8-8 at best and a whole new regime next year.

  5. Agree with your interest in Tracy. Not in agreement about the draft. You don't take into account that there is always some degree of turnover with positions that would seemingly be settled like DE. Additionally, there's they money and salary issues.
    I've not given up on Sintim, but I would agree that some of the others are just, well, average (Kehl, Wilkerson, Blackburn) even Goff is just too sporadic.
    Maybe Mel Kiper can find us a MLB?

  6. Sintim sounds like a guy who is lost

  7. Sintim is a DE pretending to be a SAM.

    If Fewell's plans work effectively, I think we're gonna see everyone EVERYWHERE this year, so no point in locking up anyone in a particular spot.

    Gonna be 3 ends on the field in the "Big Base" defense, gonna have a 4 DE line sometimes, even a 3 DT's freestyle.