Sunday, August 29, 2010

That Was Special

Just sitting down to watch the tape of last night's fiasco, but can say this right off the top. When the sole offensive highlight is an undrafted hopeful like Victor Cruz -- as dynamic as the kid seems to be -- catching a touchdown pass with the second unit, a team has problems.

Looking forward to hearing what Tom Coughlin has to say today. Meanwhile, what say you? Anybody out there feeling comfortable about that Sept. 12 opener against Carolina?



  1. That was ugly, pure and simple.

    Highlights were Tuck and Bernard on D. Everyone else....take a seat. Fewell has some work to do.

    Eli was just plain bad. The offensive line wasn't set but three attempts at one yard and you can't get it was brutal.

    Can we have a second pre-season to get ready? This team needs it.

    Chris B.

  2. Not much you can do when you have players injured and you keep subbing.

    Communication seems to still be a problem, there's no rhythm on either side

    And that new rule that Rolle got a flag on is just mind-boggling to me

    I can't see us winning the opener.

  3. If I remember correctly, and since it's going back to the 80s I may be wrong, but didn't the preseason stink for all three Super Bowl teams? I'm not saying this team wins the Super Bowl. I'm not even ready to say they get into the playoffs. But it is preseason and there have been a ton of injuries. If they look like this week one, when the games actually count, then I'll start to worry. Preseason, tons of injuries, new coordinator = no need to go into full blown panic yet. I will say I wish I could get those three hours of my life back. That was not fun to watch.

  4. I'm with dweez, I'm not going to write off the season because they had one bad preseason game. The other two, they definitely didn't look good, but they seemed to be competitive.

    I think Eli was clearly rusty, which is fine, he hasn't really played in nearly two weeks. The D looks good at times and bad at other times. Webster looks good, but that Courtney Brown stinks. I didn't see the whole game, did Kenny Philips play?

    Because if he can play, then in passing downs, we could move Rolle to a nickel or dime corner, have Grant and Philips the two safeties and have Webster, Thomas and Ross/Johnson out there. Like I said, I'm not going to go in with an 8-8 attitude, but this team certainly needs to play better.

    And, looking around the division, has any team looked good in the preseason? Right now, I would say the Cowboys look like the worst team and the Redskins (arguably) the best, and people are still picking the Cowgirls to win the division and make a run to the SB. So, in the end, the preseason still means nothing.

  5. Dan and Dweez're kidding right?
    The preseason is the time when you address the questions;
    Does Beatty make the step up to being a starter? Answer, no. This was a complete waste of a draft pick. U Conn does not equal NFL
    Have we addressed our problems with short yardage and the red zone rushing? answer, NO
    Have we in anyway addressed the inconsistency with the defensive unit? answer NO
    has the addition of FA and return of players made the defense better? NO
    Has the new coordinator made the defensive unit better? TBD but not a strong start

    Has this coaching staff run its course? Most likely, yes.

    The Giants are not good. Their offense is so bland that every team, even second teams, can stop them.

    BIG step backwards this year

  6. If you watched the Redskins Jets game you saw that the Redskins are very physical on Defense. The giants are easily, and I emphasize easily, the least physical team in the NFC East. They lack real strength on Oline and lack any sort of playmaker, hard hitting defense. Bunch of sissies on both sides of the ball....Jerry Reese and his staff have made some questionable calls with guys like Beckum, Beatty and Barden who just don't seem to have what it takes for hte NFL

  7. All i can say is that the Giants looked beaten before the game was even a quarter old.

    The no huddle look from Baltimore was sort of classless piece of crapple that one expects from this low class team. These same guys did a fake punt against the redskins in week 2.

    This being said, Joe Flacco carved us up with the help of great offensive coordinator cam cameron. he looked way better than Eli and infinitely better than Gilbride

  8. The no huddle killed us. They were way better coached on both sides of the ball. The giants organization should look at where they are now and ask themselves what is going on?

  9. I'm tired of hearing Coughlin complain about the fact that players are hurt. He's gone from forward thinker to being an excuse maker. His body language and comments say all that there is to say; he's not optimistic and it's his job to be optimistic. When he's been dealt some blows he seems to never recover.

  10. Me too, I'm tired of reading the same quote about having to "look at the tape" to see what's going on. Eli is constantly saying that he needs to look at the tape, he's a veteran and we have offensive coordinators in the booth; he needs to transition to becoming a QB that recognizes what's going on on the field as it happens, the school days and "aw shucks" need to be a thing of the past...

  11. "Dan and Dweez're kidding right?"

    Anon - You're ten years old, right? 2007 preseason results - Giants go 1-4 and lose the "all important" third preseason game to the Jets. All that team did was win the Super Bowl against an undefeated team. Again, I reiterate, does that mean this year's team wins the Super Bowl? No. But it does mean you need to get some perspective. PRESEASON. The games mean nothing. Wait until the regular season before you carry on like the team is destined to go 0-16. It's not how you play in August. It's how you play in December, January, and, ideally, February. By then, August is completely forgotten.

  12. As I am out of the area I could only track the NFL network play by play. Even with that disclaimer, one can hardly get enthused by the execution on both sides of the ball. Most coaches say they do not game plan in preseason, however, whether the Ravens were game plan experimenting, having fun or just revealing what to take advantage in Cover Two schemes we were deficient, flat, and the No Huddle just made it all the more transparent that we have problems. Maybe the DC is still tuning up the D a la Spagnola did in his first year and after the first to games (80 pts) - hopefully not the same with the Panthers & Colts, the D will be "ready". Tis' after all "preseason" and a few other higher profile than Giants team have yet to live up to their hype: Boys, Vikes, Jets, Birds, & Colts.