Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Observations

Just looked at the tape and have some initial observations.

* The offensive line was horrible, especially Will Beatty at right tackle for migraine-inflicted Kareem McKenzie. Also, Rich Seubert got badly pushed back at center on that fourth-and-1. The good news is that, God willing and the creek don't rise, this is not the offensive line that will start against Carolina. With any luck, Shaun O'Hara will be back at center by then, and McKenzie will be back at right tackle. Understanding the need for interchangeability among offensive linemen, you can overdo it at times. All the injuries up front have created a hodgepodge up there, which has translated to bad communication, missed assignments, and soft play.

* Justin Tuck looks to be all the way back from his shoulder issues of last year, which is good news. He was active, and came up with two sacks. Osi Umenyiora was also active, though he didn't really show up in the stats. And it was interesting to see Linval Joseph in there with the starters, in place of Chris Canty. Thought the second-rounder held up fairly well.

* The linebackers were a different story. Same old story from last year. Nobody seems to know how to cover a tight end. Todd Heap ran right past Jonathan Goff a couple of times. On virtually every tight end catch over the middle, Goff was so far from the tight end that he had no chance of breaking up the pass. The fact that Antrel Rolle had a horrible game didn't help matters, either. But Rolle, a proven veteran, presents far fewer worries than the linebackers. He'll be there when it counts. Can't say the same about Goff or Michael Boley or, certainly, Clint Sintim, who didn't appear to figure in much of anything.

* Courtney Brown? No. But again, he was only out there because Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross weren't there. Worry about Ross' heel. Don't worry about Thomas' calf. Thomas will be there on opening day, and he won't be schooled as easily as Brown. Corey Webster had a very nice game with several breakups and an interception.

* Somebody find a kickoff returner. Andre Brown fumbled one, and Tim Brown was a non-factor. And punt coverage needs a lot of work.

*Eli? Rusty. Off-target. But the interception at the end of the half wasn't his fault. Steve Smith has to reel that thing in. Both players will be fine, though, although Manning can use better protection.

*That new personal foul for hitting a defenseless receiver needs revision. Can't be calling that stuff on bang-bang plays like that. What's the remedy? Perhaps giving the DB a one-step grace area, something like the safe area around a punt returner? If they're going to call it like that the whole season, we're going to see millions of penalty yards and countless drives extended. Bad rule the way it's called now.



  1. In a division that boasts some of the best TEs, we have no one who can cover one.

    Some reporter needs to ask Jerry Reese the question of how well he feels that his staff addressed the Giants needs in the off season.

  2. As ugly as that showing was last night I'm not panicing just yet. Its STILL PRESEASON. Heck if I can remember correctly, the Lions have done well and gone 9-3 over the past four years in the preseason so, you just can never tell how much of this will carry over into the regular season.

    And were a little banged up too. Lets hope THAT doesn't carry over into the regular season.

  3. I wrote this under other blog; copying it here>

    I hate hearing TC complain about players missing practice. He's gone from being a "show me" coach to a coach who portrays himself as the victim. His body language and spoken words tell me all I need to know; he has no confidence in this team.

    I hate hearing Eli speak about "having to look at the film"; he needs to make the transition to become a QB that can adjust on the fly, and react to changes as they occur. His learning days are over, he needs to move to the next level and I don't see this happening

    The Giants are not a physical team and their division has too many physical teams. The Redskins were 4-12 last year and they're playing with a new attitude, the Cowboys are so big across their O line. Our team is just too weak and not intimidating.

    perry fewell, learn to cover TEs. the NFC East is full of good ones

  4. Last couple of weeks, I've watched preseason games for the Saints and Packers.....maybe we turn it around and compete in our division, but I just don't see us standing toe-to-toe with the big guys in the NFC. I keep looking for the Spags D to comeback and its just not there.

    ...then again the Spags D gave up over 70 points in his 1st 2 games.

  5. Beatty is just a waste ...can we teach Linval Joseph to play offensive tackle or maybe have Tuck go both ways?

  6. This looks like a sub .500 team. That said - Andrews looked pretty good. With more practice/ game time he will be a good pick-up. He was a bulldozer in Philly when right.

  7. Indy is 0-3. San Fran is 3-0. Anyone think the '9ers are the vastly superior team?

    "His body language and spoken words tell me all I need to know; he has no confidence in this team"

    I haven't seen ANY change in Coughlin's body language or words. He's always mopey. Go back to 2007 and watch him in the Green Bay game. Looks like the most miserable human being on earth. The guy is old and rich. If he felt it was futile, why do it?

    "I hate hearing Eli speak about "having to look at the film"

    Really? Because that's what the great ones do. His brother is known as THE guy when it comes to watching film, Brady studies film all the time and Montana was a film junkie. Seems like Eli's keeping good company. It's part of his job, be thankful he takes it seriously.

    "The Redskins were 4-12 last year and they're playing with a new attitude, the Cowboys are so big across their O line."

    The Redskins have a paper mache O line, a $20 plus million dollar DT that is at war with his extremely overrated Head Coach, and a injury prone QB that's already hurt. The Cowboys first team offense has struggled to score, has question marks on their O line, managed a mere 7 yards rushing against Houston, and have been consistently one of the most overrated teams in the NFL the past four years. It's PRESEASON!!! Perspective. It really helps.

  8. Good post Dweez. I dont have anything to add, you did that well.

  9. Reading these comments, it seems the Giants should just start planning who they're going to draft first overall.

    You guys need to relax a bit... It's PRESEASON, for godssake!!