Friday, August 20, 2010

Six Years

That's how long Shawn Andrews' contract with the Giants runs. Here's Ralphie's story on the whole thing.



  1. As long as those performace incentives and exit clauses are there....I'm all for it.

    I just really worry what this implies about the health/ability of Snee, Seubert, Diehl and Beatty.

    Something is up.

  2. Yeah, something may be up....a lack of quality depth at most OL positions.

    They can bail on this deal if Andrews is not solid, physically or mentally. Let's just see if they can get him into the Ravens game next week. That will be telling. If they rush him, it shows the rest of the line is hurt worse than we know.

  3. Nothing is up but a quality depth signing. Lets just hope dweezer, C3818Z or whatever they want to call themselves approve Andrews mental health professionals diagnosis. But in terms of footballthis is great.

  4. Wayno - No, if he ever gets on the field AND performs, then it will be great. Speaking of mental health professionals, I'm wondering what they would say about a guy that keeps fighting to tear down a stadium that's already built and re-build one that's already torn down. I bet that would be one interesting diagnosis!