Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Practice Stuff

The list of Giants injuries grew today to include first-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul, who missed practice with a groin injury that cropped up during the Pittsburgh game Saturday. Tom Coughlin said he tried to work yesterday, but had to pull himself out. But Pierre-Paul said it was a minor issue, and he expects to play in Baltimore this week.

So, too, does Kenny Phillips. After being pulled out of last week's game after seven plays (one a penalty), he said he's hoping for more work this time around.

"I'm hoping I can play a full game if they let me," Phillips said, who more realistically should expect to play perhaps double the snaps of last week. "I've been working hard at the rehab. I've showed them everything -- breaking on the ball, running, cutting. I can't do it in practice. So I'm going to beg for a little more to say I'm back."

Phillips said he needed "a little game experience" between this week and next to be ready for the season.

Eli Manning said he's on schedule to try to work with a helmet tomorrow. But Coughlin said it wouldn't be a big deal if Manning held off another day to allow further healing of his 12-stitch gash.

"Not for me, it isn't," Coughlin said. "The next couple of days we'll do some carded stuff trying to get ready for the weekend, but just the fact that he can get comfortable in it. He's definitely getting the work. He's taking all the snaps he can get."

RB DJ Ware (concussion), S Sha'reff Rashad (concussion), CB Aaron Ross (heel), LB Chase Blackburn (knee), and C Shaun O'Hara (ankle) all sat out practice. Coughlin said both Ware and Rashad were feeling better, though neither had the green light for practice. It's possible, however, that Rashad will return faster, considering the doctors will be extra careful with Ware because he had a concussion last season.

Coughlin said Ross' swollen heel showed no improvement, but he did go to Charlotte for a second opinion with orthopedic specialist Dr. Robert Anderson. He came back wearing a boot. "He'll be a good few days, anyway," Coughlin said.


The Giants waived S Michael Greco injured and signed former Bucs safety Matt O'Hanlon. And due to a shortage of safeties, O'Hanlon went right into team drills, where he broke up a pass headed for Victor Cruz. O'Hanlon originally signed April 30 with the Panthers as an undrafted free agent out of Nebraska, but was cut and picked up by the Bucs. He led the Huskers with six interceptions last season, but concerns about his speed prevented him from being invited to any of the all-star showcases.

He worked basically in the same alignment with Michael Johnson, who got back to limited work today after missing last week's game with lower back pain.




  1. Guys, Matt O'Hanlon is a work horse! He was an under-sized, underdog walk-on at Nebraska. Matt worked his butt off to become a starter and had two good seasons as a safety. I thought he would have gotten drafted, but probably for the best, as he is now a Giant. Really hoping he gets a practice squad spot at minimum. Remember I said Dillard had a big motor, O'Hanlon's is a jet engine! He always comes up with big plays. He had 3INTs against Oklahoma last year, the last one sealed the victory. He started off the bowl game with an INT. I cannot say enough about this guy. O'Hanlon is just a playmaker.

  2. when you see these safety issues it makes you wonder how it would be looking if Chad Jones was still in the picture. The giants should have drafted Myron Rolle, instead of tweener Adrian Tracy. Now we're forced to scour the waiver wires for players...next up any punters out there?

  3. 6 int. A guy w a motor. Football player first, workout guy second. Welcome to the squad laddie.

  4. You must be the same Anonymous blaming the trainers for the injuries. So after the Giants paid big money for a safety, drafted a safety with an early pick, and acquired yet another safety for spot starts and depth, you still would have picked up another safety. Please tell me you're joking.

  5. Glad they cut Greco. He looked downright horrible these first 2 preseason games....not that he'd see the field this season anyway...