Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thomas Coming Back

Terrell Thomas sat out the last couple of days of practice, but said today the tightness in his right leg wouldn't keep him from playing against the Jets. He probably should get out there, since some of his comments about the men in Green haven't sat well with them. Jets LB Bart Scott, in fact, issued a "Who's Terrell Thomas," quote recently, to which the cornerback knocked hard today, "I'm Terrell Thomas. I could care less what he thinks or who he knows."

See what I did there?

Also, Steve Smith (groin) said he'll definitely return to practice next Wednesday, but won't play in the game.


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  1. Speaking only for myself, the injuries all around NFL camps is taking some of the fun out of the game. The 80 man roster I think is partially to blame. Year round workouts, perhaps, another reason. But something is up.....I have not seen the research but my sense is there are more injuries than ever. Perhaps far more injuries. I just hold my breath and wait to see what and who we come out of camp with. And they want to run this stuff up to 18 games? And do away with sudden death? How much does the NFL think these players can take? How much do the PLAYERS think they can take?

    And then the coach speak about how 'injuries are a part of the game, the other players are gonna have to step up'. Yeah, right. These guys could sit naked on a block of ice, all they would have to do is think hot.