Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bad Barden

Wondering if we'll ever get to see any of the potential Ramses Barden could bring to that offense. He's not expected back this week, as he's suffering from lower back pain that involves some structural issues, according to Tom Coughlin.

It's a shame. This is a kid who really needed a chance in the offense, and now he can't even run. And no one seems to have a timetable on his return. Time is wasting, and if the 6-foot-6 Barden doesn't get over his problems, he could well be headed for the waived/injured list or the IR, especially in light of the emergence of Victor Cruz as a legitimate roster candidate.

The same can be said of safety Michael Johnson, who is suffering from similar issues. Of course, we all know that last year, Johnson's major talent was watching receivers run between him and C.C. Brown.

Coughlin said both men are making progress, but it's a slow go. And right now, time is of the essence for everybody.



  1. IR would be a great place for him. Another year of development while retaining his rights. Or he could be placed on the pup list and activated if the Giants need a reciever.

  2. Damn shame. Traded up for the guy and he's just slipping away. Maybe Moss can teach him how to hang on the roster without actually doing anything.

  3. all the more reason to sign Plax when he is released from prison!

  4. I was a Barden supporter and watcher. Cut him. This is a business. In fact, save on ink and cut Ware while you're at it. Throw in Moss.

    The NFL is no place for ex-college players made out of bone China.

  5. I think this kid does have talent. It took awhile for Plax to develop so we should be patient. But I gotta admit Cruz has something. His two stiff arm plays were pretty impressive for a rookie!

  6. "I was a Barden supporter and watcher. Cut him."

    Please tell us you wrote that drunk. Otherwise that's one of most ridiculous statments I've read here. You do realize this is the beginning of guy's second year don't you? Yeah, get rid of Barden, throw away a third round pick, a million and half in salary and signing bonuses because he has a back problem that may resolve itself on it's own or, if he needs surgery, will most likely not be an issue again for years. That makes perfect sense. Why wait and see if he can become productive, when NY can cut him, get nothing in return for their investment, and watch another team pick him up for a song when his back is better.

  7. No need to cut him. If he can't get healthy enough to get on the field, you PUP him, or IR him. Then the roster spot is open for someone else and you retain his rights -- and try to get him ready for next year.

    Now, you DO CUT MOSS!

  8. Monday Morning Trivia:

    Q: Who runs the greatest Giant blog there ever was and will be?
    A: Ernie Palladino

  9. The Giants didn't select Barden in the 1st round. They selected him in the 3rd round fully knowing that he will be somewhat of a project. It's too early to give up on him. You don't want to repeat the same mistake made by letting Ed McCaffrey go.

  10. Barden has a stress fracture in a lower back vertebra. Out indefinitely.

    Probably bound for IR.