Monday, August 23, 2010

Osi's Commitment

We all saw the stop Osi Umenyiora made in the first quarter against Rashard Mendenhall, the one where he blew into the backfield and dropped the running back for a seven-yard loss.

It was his only tackle. But then, he didn't play much past the first quarter. Afterward, Mathias Kiwanuka said noted Umenyiora's renewed attitude in defensing the run, saying he's made great strides.

"I can't say enough about how his mindset has changed against the run," said Kiwanuka, who is in direct competition for Umenyiora's starting job.

My question to you is, do you think Umenyiora has made the necessary improvements to be an adequate run-stopper and a three-down lineman? Or was that play simply an isolated moment? Who will win that job?



  1. I think it was a singular play and this weakling will revert to form very quickly. That being said, I agree there seems to be a boost to his stride that was not evident this year and I am far less pessimistic about his career than at anytime in the last 10 months. Call me intrigued.

  2. Ernie, I think it is too early to tell. He had that great stop the other night, but I cannot take preseason too seriously. I will want to see him drop Stewart or Williams for a 7 yd loss in week 1, then I will be a little more convinced. If he can get at least one tackle for loss against Chris Johnson in week 3, I will be even more convinced. It is relieving a bit to see him drop Mendenhall on Saturday night and I am going to give Osi the benefit of the doubt. He has at least earned that. Right now though, I cannot take preseason that seriously.

  3. i agree thta its far too early to tell. i do feel people were very harsh on Osi last year though; yes, he didn't play well, but he was coming back from a really bad injury and wasn't expected to be performing at a high level until this season anyway.

  4. Can't say that one play really changes much, but at least its a step in the right direction. I'm not so sure Kiwi is all that much better against the run, so I'm guessing we're looking at a rotation...

  5. I think that this week will be more telling with the Ravens' Ray Rice. I'd also like to see Joseph teamed with Canty on a few plays early on. Both of these guys can't be double teamed if they're out there together, so it would be nice to see what type of impact it would have to the opposing O-Line. While we're at it, I wouldn't mind seeing Wilkinson or Kehl at SLB. Might as well throw Adrian Tracy in the mix.

    Coughlin indicated that the best players will play, so let's truly see what these guys have to offer.

  6. Osi is recovering from injury and looks to be stronger than last year. The interior of the D line looks very weak. The LB play is suspect, especially Sintim.

    For those who think pre-season is too long..look at the open issues the Giants need to resolve in the next few weeks. Kick return, punter, Left tackle (of all things), SLB, DT that's alot more than most teams.

  7. why does everyone think Beatty is being pushed into the starting role. It is his to win and he's not shown enough to win it, Diehl looks lost at LG, the starting line will be (LT to RT); Diehl, Andrews, Ohara, Snee, McKenzie.

    keep Landolt, he looks tough and will become a professional lineman someday