Friday, August 27, 2010

Ramses and Sinorice

The first cut to 75 comes Tuesday, which doesn't mean much in terms of the eight wide receivers who will be in uniform tomorrow night in Baltimore. With undrafted UMass free agent Victor Cruz having ostensibly made the squad, and Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks and Derek Hagan assured of spots, the guys who must show something are Nyan Boateng, Tim Brown, and Duke Calhoun. They'll probably get that chance, too, since Ramses Barden and Sinorice Moss are sidelined with respective back and groin problems.

While Barden's and Moss' issues may be a godsend to the three rookie roster hopefuls, they certainly aren't doing the two receivers much good. Barden was expected to make a major leap this camp, but the fractured transverse process in his back has stopped what, in most respects, has been an inconsistent camp, anyway. At 6-foot-6, 227, he should be a threat in the Red Zone, but he hasn't been anything close to that this camp.

And Moss, heading into his fifth season, may be at the end of the line here. Tom Coughlin sounded slightly exasperated when informing the press that Moss would undergo tests to determine the exact extent of his nagging injury. One has to think that unless Moss gets back quickly -- a longshot at this point -- he might just find himself among the final cuts the Sunday after next Thursday's preseason finale.

But you'd have a hard time convincing Moss of that.

"Why would this jeopardize my chances?" Moss said. "They know me. They know what I can do. But I want to show them more. That's the competitive spirit in me. I want to make plays for them on a consistent basis."

That would be something fans haven't seen out of the oft-injured Moss the past four seasons. And that's exactly the reason he may be headed out if he doesn't get back on the field in short order.

Barden may be a slightly different story. The question is whether the Giants want to give up on the 2009 third-rounder so quickly. They knew when they picked him out of Cal Poly that he'd be a project. The fact that he did nothing in the Jets game, due partially to the fact that he had already hurt his back in practice, could doom him to another year on the gameday inactive list. But it seems as though the Giants are willing to stick with him for another year at least.

He said the pain is improving every day. Once it's gone, that's the signal to return to the field. In the meantime, trainers have him working in the pool and doing an exercise regimen to build up the muscles around the fractured process.

While Brown, Boateng, and Calhoun get their opportunities to hang on, Moss and Barden wait. The question is how long will the coaching staff wait on them?



  1. Moss has had 4 years to make a name for himself and it just hasn't worked, so he's done. Barden is an investment and its not time to sell just yet. They have to find room for him to stay and REALLY get tested on the field.

    All that said, it sounds like Calhoun has made some nice plays in camp. Would like to see him get some game time.....but Tim Brown's return skills would probably bump him ahead of Calhoun.

    Right now, I'm way too concerned about the LB, DT and O-line situations to even care who our 5th/6th WRs are...

  2. Sorry Moss, I understand that you are a nice guy and I always cheer for the undersized NFLer, but dude, you had the chance. Thank you for your 4 years. It is time to move on.

    Agreed gggmen, too concerned with LB, OL, DT, etc to care about two WRs who may only get a handful of balls thrown their way. My quick take, Smith, Manningham, Nicks, Barden, Cruz, Hagan; Brown to the practice squad...there's your WRs. Now, on to more pressing matters, take it away Ernie...

  3. I CANNOT believe I'm saying this, but:

    after 4 years of hollering to let this guy go, I say we have to keep Moss. For the return game. Even if it's for depth and security, I can't see letting him go. I'd be singing a different tune if Victor Cruz would have looked comfortable fielding that punt, but with Ross's injury I think we need to keep Sinorice now.

    I really hated typing that.

  4. Lou I feel your pain, but Moss is only a mediocre return man. Brown is another one who people seem to think has value for the return game, but there's nothing in his past to suggest that he is a returner that warrants keeping him. Barden may have been worth the risk but it seems that tall WR are available each year or at least every two or three years, so that keeping him one more year might work but clearly it would not be a surprise to see him gone either. Thus, if needed, these three could be cut; Barden, Moss, Brown and Beckum.
    I have not seen enough of Duke Calhoun to have an opinion other than the few times he's been targeted he seems to be able to catch and hold on.

  5. In four years Moss hasn't proven to be a return guy. We can plug Brown/Ware, Cruz, Brown, Ross (if he plays), etc. in the return spot. We DEFINITELY don't need to carry Moss for it.

    I really feel that Moss needs to go somewhere to get a better opportunity. He might very well be skilled, but he's always bumped down on the depth chart and just never gets the chance to prove himself. Send him to the Browns, Bucs or Rams and maybe he'll finally bust out.

  6. Guys, I'd love to agree with you but:

    A "mediocre return guy" may unfortunately be an upgrade for us right now. Unless Cruz is more sure-handed fielding punts that he looked, with Hixon, Chad Jones, and Aaron Ross out, I know of no one else on the roster better than Moss back there.

    I hated typing that even worse than the first time.

  7. Lou, I fully understand where you are coming from with your sentiments. Yes, Moss may be better at returning punts/kicks than say Cruz, but I would rather average 2 yards a punt return with Cruz than to keep Moss on this roster. I think Cruz can do just about as good of a job as Moss. In 4 years, Moss never proved to be even mediocre at the return game. He muffed a lot, he would run east to west too much. Let's not forget everyone, the rosters of every team gets trimmed down to 75 next week. Sometimes there is the diamond in the rough that comes out of these cuts. I think we are okay by dropping Moss and giving someone else a chance. Or, try and trade Moss to at least get something for him. Conditional 4th/5th?

  8. 4th or 5th rounder for Moss?

    "Paging Al Davis. Paging Al Davis. You have a telephone call."

  9. The only way the Giants should keep Moss or Barden is if there is room for Tim Brown or a waiver wire candidate on the roster too. anything else would beva disservice to the team.

  10. Wayno, who do you see as the WRs?

  11. No one will give the Giants anything for Moss for the same reason it's pointless to hold onto him for the return game - he's never healthy. Not even Al Davis is that crazy.