Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Evidence

Here's more evidence to use if you want to be optimistic about the defense. Antrel Rolle finished off the evening practice a few minutes ago with a pickoff of an Eli Manning pass to Steve Smith, and then returned it for a touchdown.

Michael Boley was also said to be looking good. And, lo and behold, this blog's favorite kicker, Lawrence Tynes, went 7-for-7 and is now 15-for-15 in training camp placements.

The offense had its ups and downs as Will Beatty, fighting David Diehl for left tackle, gave up a sack to Mathias Kiwanuka and then got beat by Dave Tollefson, prompting a chew-out by line coach Pat Flaherty. But apparently Adam Koets did a nice job filling in for Shaun O'Hara, who sat with a swollen left ankle.



  1. If u want to talk about Tynes Ern, please mention where his kickoff goes to because thats all that matters at this point.

  2. The Training Camp Conundrum: Should I be optimistic about the defense or PESSIMISTIC about the offense?

  3. This may get me killed, but here is a post in defense of Tynes:

    He's a better than average field goal kicker, the guy nails about 80 percent a year, not bad. And much better than a lot of guys in the league.

    Secondly, listen I'm not a big fan of his kickoffs, but I heard, and Ern, correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that a lot of those short kickoffs are by design. That he can get the ball to the goal line on a regular basis if the Giants chose, but because of the poor special teams coverage he is asked to kick short to help the coverage unit.

    I'm not saying Tynes could get touchbacks whenever he wanted, but I do believe he is better than what we see because the coaches hold him back since the special teams are so poor.

  4. Dan, If Tynes could kick the ball to the goal line or for that matter the 5 yrd line he would. Giants fans are drinking the Kool Aid!

  5. Why would anyone "kill" you for citing a fact? He was inconsistent last year but not terrible. If the Giants saw anyone better out there they'd bring him into camp and let him vie for the job but there IS no one better out there right now.
    My guess is that the Giants will sign another kicker at some point this season, just to have some depth in case of emergency but that may have to wait until that kicker gets cut from the team he's on right now.

  6. If a second-string DE/Special Teams player "blows past" your Left Offensive Tackle of the Future twice in two plays and the Offensive Line coach has to yell at him to "wake up!" in front of the team/fans/media, it's not exactly supportive of the notion that he will be taking the job from Diehl anytime soon.

  7. I'd really like to know if that is true about Tynes short kickoffs. I'm pretty sure if you can hit the endzone, you just DO IT every time (unless you're trying to kill the clock with a squib).