Monday, August 2, 2010

Big On Turnovers

Gotta love how Perry Fewell is encouraging turnovers. At one point in the morning practice, after Corey Webster made a one-handed, leaping grab off Eli Manning's pass to Mario Manningham, Fewell was seen chasing Webster down the sideline yelling at him to "Score! Score! Score!"

Now, if some of that can carry over to the real games, where they actually keep score, the Giants might be on to something defensively this year. For the time being, however, it sounds like Fewell's unit is jacked up and having fun, which is quite a switch from last year under the subdued Bill Sheridan.

Mike Eisen went a bit further into the matter in his story for You'll see from the quotes how much the players are enjoying Fewell. But make no mistake, he's not all fun and games. Apparently, he spewed out a few R-rated syllables when things went wrong in the afternoon practice. But that's to be expected. He's a passionate guy.



  1. GREAT to hear that the fire is back for the D. Good to know he's just as excited for the good things as he is against the bad. Bring back the integrity of the Spagnuolo era!

    Wonder if there are any signs of the Tampa 2 yet...

  2. New blood was needed and addressed on the defensive staff. For some reason the special teams staff was left intact. Maybe Fewell can coach them too.

  3. Well hopefully, Fewell can get in the ear of Webster as he certainly did not play up to expectations last year. He's penciled in as the starter by default, but I'm not sure he's better than a healthy Ross and Thomas. It wasn't that long ago that Ross was favored over Webster.

    But more intriguing is the guys up front. Although the defense displayed holes everywhere, that unit was by far the most disappointing of the bunch. And I'd hate to mention that the Bills weren't exactly known as a run stopping defense, but I'm certainly willing to give Fewell some leeway as he has much more to work with at his disposal.