Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bulluck's New Spot

Middle linebacker Keith Bulluck began working at a new spot Monday. On the outside, where he played most of his 10-year career with the Titans. It's too early to tell yet whether this will be a permanent move, or just a temporary one to get him used to a different spot in the Giants' free-wheeling system, thereby increasing his versatility. But here's what he had to say about it.

He had more to say. One of the most interesting things was about the terminology the Giants use. Apparently, strong side to them means playing over the left tackle, while weak side means playing over the tight end. That's directly opposite the traditional nomenclature we all use. Whatever they call it, though, Bulluck said he's playing on the weak side as we all know it.

As to whether he expects a permanent shift after playing the last month in the middle, Bulluck had no idea.

"I think they're just seeing what options they have," Bulluck said. "If I start, I'll take advantage of all the reps I can. If not, I know I'm too talented not to play."

He said his surgically repaired left ACL is no longer an issue, though he was held to just six snaps in Saturday's game against Pittsburgh. He could see more time in Baltimore, however. At the same time, he'll be trying to discern if Perry Fewell has a definite job for him.

"I don't know what my role is," Bulluck said. "I don't portray myself as a starter or anything other than just a guy learning the system."

That could be Fewell's system at work. Fewell likes his players to be multi-faceted, so it's quite possible that he'll be switching Bulluck from middle to outside by the series, the better to create chaos and more advantageous matchups. Though he wouldn't carp about it, he did say he's never been one to complain. Which could mean he's not totally comfortable with the idea.

Still, at least he has plenty of experience there. And the Giants are taking measures to make sure he stays healthy enough to explore all options.

"I wanted to play more, but the doctors and coaches know best," Bulluck said. "I'm appreciative. A friend of mine had surgery around the same time as I did, and his team had him out on the field running three months later. He's already been back in for a scope."

It may not be a perfect scenario, but Bulluck isn't complaining too much.

"If everything was perfect, I'd never come off the field," he said. "But you roll with the punches. I'm very fortunate."



  1. I'm not getting sound on the video...might just be me though.

    I don't care where they put him; so long as the LBs are improved this year. Would have liked to pick up another experienced body there, but we should at least be in BETTER shape.

  2. The LBs have to be improved, or the defense is not improved. Simple as that.

  3. And the DTs....they gone blown off the line last year. DTs, LBs, Ss....right up the middle of our D was awful last year.

  4. I can see why Fewell would want his LBs to be interchangeable; however, I also want young LBs/DEs to master their one position. When Bulluck was going to the outside, who was playing middle, Goff? And when Bulluck was middle, who was on the outside? Ernie, how are the young LBs doing so far (Goff, Kehl, Dillard, etc)? What is the buzz around the field?

  5. I like this guy!!! And I was never so down on Goff last year. If this defense shapes up the Giants should at least be playoff contenders.

  6. Mike G has decent review of the new terminology and scheme. Fewell wants the LB to be at the point of attack, even with the Def Line. Personally, I'm not a champion of this approach. Once the RB gets by the line, he's gone for big gains. Our LBs do not disengage well enough for this to work. They have to be outstanding tacklers, which was not a strength. I prefer having the LBs read and react, to play off of contact and make plays on the run. Occupying gaps requires a lot of discipline from this group...very worried

  7. I'm guessing all this means is that Goff is playing better than Sintim and we want the top 3 on the field any way we can get 'em.

    Way too much inconsistency and uncertainty with the LBs, D-line and O-line right now....I don't like it.

  8. Sintim has showed nothing, not every undersized DE in college can be converted to OLB...that's Ok we just need to draft Bani Gbadyu, monster from Penn st next year and we'll be fine

  9. Maybe we just need to start using a hybrid D and use Sintim as a pass rushing 3-4 OLB like he's built for.

  10. My opinion on Sintim is that the issue is less about his "conversion" to a 4-3 than it is his psychological makeup. He just looks to be a guy who's not cut out for life as an NFL linebacker of any kind. He's not aggressive enough--it doesn't seem to be in his character. Of course I don't know him personally, but I'm gleaning this from what I've seen on the field and read since he was drafted.
    It's one thing to not be able to get on the field as a rookie with Danny Clark in front of you. But now he looks like he may be losing his starting job that we were told was all but handed to him in camp.
    Maybe he'll "snap out of it" and become a fixture at linebacker for us. I sure hope so anyway.