Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boley, Canty, And Bernard

Good story here on how last year's free agent "prizes" plan to rebound from a disappointing season.



  1. Pardon me if I take that story with a grain of salt.

    Canty- A physical bohemoth who is not as good as he appeared when playing against the Giants. Hopefully he can play decent against the run and bounces back to mediocrity and the Giants get something out of him

    Bernard- Fat Dumb and Stupid. Shocked he is still on the Giants. Likes to push women around.

    Boley- Undersized, weak and out of position at most times. If I was as weak as him I might push women around too.

  2. We interrupt Wayno's daily message of doom and gloom for this optimistic update:

    Canty - Injured most of last year and now coming back healthy. Long arms grat for hte pass D and can be a force now that Sheridan isn't around to DROP THE BIG MAN INTO COVERAGE (@ Denver last year)

    Bernard - Came in injured, lost in a DT mix with Robbins, Cofield and Canty. Maybe he needs opportunity....but signs indicate a FA bust

    Boley - Fast and was everywhere when he was playing healthy. Another injury issue, but when he was on the field he looked great. Could be one of the best WILLs we've had in a while.

    FEWELL FEWELL FEWELL. When a D goes from great to terrible with a change in coordinator, I think we know what the real problem is. These guys (and everyone else) will rebound hard under new AGRESSIVE leadership.

  3. @ Wayno2424...

    An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?

    An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

    Lighten'll live longer...Go Giants!!!

  4. Mitch, I have never seen a Giants Defense that was that bad. I felt like puking weeks 6-17. I am a realist.

  5. Neither had I. But I feel this will be different. Circumstances, Injuries and a bad, bad, bad DC. My concern now is our lack of health at TE. But why should I? Gilbride doesn't use TE's in his offense.

  6. Wayno, the majority of the D players were the same last year. What changed? the D.C. Then they tanked. So they replaced the D.C. with a fiery effective one....why NOT be hopeful for a turnaround?

  7. wayno - you have every right to your opinion and, to be fair, the FAs were a significant disappointment especially considering the money spent. But what I can't understand about you is you will declare Jerry Reese "god", attack anyone who claims he has not reached that status as of yet, and then you come here and declare the biggest FAs signing of Jerry's career to be absolute busts. If these three guys ARE busts, Jerry can't be "god". He put A LOT of money on the table to sign them. If they are mistakes, if they cannot redeem themselves, then Jerry is directly responsible for wasting millions and three roster spots that desperately needed to be filled by competitors. If they had one bad year because of injury and can, in fact, excel, then Jerry just might approach the mythic status you bestow upon him. It's one or the other. You can't have it both ways. You should rooting for these three guys harder than anyone. After the Jerry is "god" post and your claim to know more about football than 95% of the people here, you'll look a damn fool if they fail.

  8. I agree with Wayno on Bernard. The guy stinks and should be the third or fourth DT at best.

    Canty I think the Giants overpayed for, but I do think he can be a solid rotational guy. Again, not really a starter. He can play both DT and DE, but neither position all that well.

    Boley is where I disagree. I think he's a solid player. No worse than Kawika Mitchell and the Giants won the Super Bowl with him on the weak side. And I think Boley is actually a little better than Mitchell was when on the Giants. We all know the LBs aren't great, but they haven't been in over 10 years. However, in the those 10 years the Giants have won one Super Bowl and been to another.

    What other NFC team can say that over the past decade? Plus, a 4-3 doesn't rely so heavily on the LBs. But I think with Sintim, Boley and Bullock we should be OK. Honestly, that's probably the best LB corps we've had in years.

    Speaking about Bullock, how is he, injury-wise? Will he start the season? Does he look all the way back?

  9. Kawika Mitchell did very little the first half of the season but turned it on during the stretch making big play after big play and probably the biggest defensive play of the year with his int vs. Buffalo that secured a playoff spot. He continued his excellence throughout the playoffs with a # of big plays. Boley did not have one big play last year so I don't see how he played better than Mitchell.