Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Bad "Effort"

Tom Coughlin made some comments after last night's game about a lack of effort, which sort of brought back some bad memories from the end of last season. But today, he backpedaled a bit.

"I expected more," Coughlin said. "You know, I did. I can give you page after page about effort. But what I’m going to say is there’s effort and then there’s the kind of intensity that a guy brings to the table when you’re playing the game to solidify your team and your circumstance and your own individual position. So I just think that, yeah there was effort. I’m not going to challenge or say there wasn’t that."

To be honest, I didn't see a lackadaisical form of play last night. What I noticed was a lack of execution and the cropping up of some of the problems that undermined last season, like the linebackers' inability to cover a tight end. None of that was due, for the most part last season, to lack of effort. Lack of talent? Maybe.

Still, the fact that no less than Justin Tuck also hinted at a lack of effort by some individuals, indicated that heart problems were, at least, considered as a reason for the horrible showing.

"There was an awful lot of importance attached to the game for a lot of players, so I’m not going to say that (effort) wasn’t there," Coughlin said. "I am going to say that it can be better. And that I hope there was an experience of learning here, and that those that are well aware of the difference between what happens in a regular season game and a preseason game and why there’s so much significance attached to the third game, I hope they’re able to share their feelings with their teammates."

Anybody here think the Giants played without effort, or that the effort was substandard?



  1. I think it's difficult to measure effort sometimes unless you're on the field. The guys out there know who's supposed to be where and when they're supposed to be there. They get used to a certain rhythm and they synchronize their play together in practice. We can see lack of effort sometimes but we're too far away in all cases to really know most of the time who's not "leavin' it out there".

    My biggest problem with the game wasn't lack of effort per se. It just seems like the Giants are not physical anymore. The D-line gets knocked back. The O-line gets blown up. The linebackers don't get a big piece of tight ends coming off the line, and never get to the QB on the blitz. This could be because they're being careful not to suffer more injuries. The problem is, if that's what they're doing, it makes them look like the team they were in the second half last season, which is a sore spot with the fans. Problems are more palatable when they're "new". When they're the same problems as last time the natives get restless.

  2. If some of the players thought there was a lack of passion, then there was!

  3. The giants think too much, talk too much and do too little.
    They are the least aggressive team in the NFC east.
    The front office and coaching staff needs to cut the dead weight from this team, blow it up now and rebuild. Too many marginal players around: whimper, beatty, beckum, moss, wilkerson, Kehl, Blackburn, Deossie, Canty.

    Send a message that the giants are a team that will not allow complacency.

  4. Any group of players who can quit on the 2009 season with 3 or 4 games to go is capable of doing it again in 2010 even if with a new def coach and scheme. Its a character flaw and if it happens again and again the head coach must have ceased to hold any power over his players to make them change their behavior. If this does not remedy itself before the season begins, it sounds like regime change time in 2011.

  5. Well one thing I didn't like was the playing off of the receivers. The last time we had that philosophy the Carolina Panthers quick slanted us to death and the guy who liked that philosophy: Tim Lewis!

  6. The panthers are going to run the ball to death against us again.

    They also have a great defense, led by Jon Beason, a MLB that the Giants should have picked up.

  7. when do the first cuts come? today or tomorrow?

  8. I really don't know what Coughlin is talking about in regards to lack of effort. Lack of effort from who? From Courtney Brown? From Bruce Johnson? From who? The Giants had 1 starter at CB and some mix and match personnel on the O-Line. What exactly was he expecting when you have guys that will not make the team playing where starters should be?

    The D-Line played well for the most part and Webster obviously came to play. The O-Line could have played better, but I'm not sure how much that would have attributed to Manning's performance as he definitely showed rust from the layoff. The biggest unsettling issue has to do with the LB core. These guys simply do not seem to be covering anyone. Besides Boley, who will man the other spots? At this point, I would rather see Blackburn out there on obvious running downs at MLB and perhaps use a 3rd Safety on obvious passing downs to sure up coverage until the others prove and show they deserve to be out there. In the meantime, they should be all over the waiver wire to see what apples fall from other teams due not from lack of talent, but from too much depth at the position.

  9. Can we finally call out Jerry Reese and his staff for not addressing the linebacking issues?

  10. Any lack of effort is clearly a reflection of the coaching staff

  11. The giants defense last year was 'hope for a sack or a holding call and then on 3rd and 12 hope the 3rd down completion was for 11 yards.' The sacks rarely came and the '11-yard completions' were generally the 18 yard variety.

    I don't see what has changed...maybe with a healthy Tuck we'll get a few more sacks, which will only mean we'll give up more passing yards.

  12. Well Anonymous 11:18 AM, I understand your frustration, but the DT's were banged up, Tuck was injured, and Osi was just 1 year removed from surgery. Although it's only pre-season, the D-Line seems to be the least of the problems the Giants have on defense this year (unless Canty's injury prove to be one of those nagging kinds).

    The Giants rarely blitzed the last game and still generated pressure. The problem was not being able to get off the field. The DB's played too far off the receiver and the middle of the field was completely wide open. The Bills was 2nd in pass defense last year so I can't imagine this as a byproduct of Fewell's defense. What should be a major concern is run defense which the Bills proved to have just as much trouble, or, if not worse, then the Giants. But so far this preseason, they've been able to contain the run while allowing too many big plays through the air.

  13. Ross was a #1 pick and his inability to remain on the field just kills the pass defense. If Ross is healthy, then the unit of Webster, Thomas, Ross, Rolle, Grant, Johnson and Phillips are pretty good.
    Rolle looked really bad in trying to cover Heap the other night. What will do against teams with 2TE? Boley on one, Rolle on the other? that doesn't seem to be so good

  14. I am generally a "glass half full kind of person" and although we were thoroughly beaten by Baltimore, we could say that because the Ravens primarily played in a "hurry up" offense and we really didn't scheme to counter it. For example, Goff will definitely not be in there when it is obviously a passing down. Courtney Brown will not even make this team (he reminds me of CC Brown) The Giants were clearly looking at personnel on both sides of the ball.

    Having said that, what is apparent to me is that we are not a very deep team beyond the starters.

    On the O-Line, Beatty is not ready ( might as well nickname him turnstile ) Seubert was playing center with one hand, I'll bet that Andrews may even start after he learns the offense.

    Bradshaw is clearly better than Jacobs.

    If....and i know it is a big if...I'm hoping that Kenny Phillips is back. He looked a little rusty but he has no pain and that is a good sign. The DL's I believe will be solid this season barring injury.

    The LB's are weak and the Giants have neglected this for way too long now. I'm hoping that a strong DL coupled with our DB's can camouflage oue LB unit.

    Told you I was a 1/2 glass kind of guy. I may change after Week 4

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