Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Release For Plax

For all those who thought the Giants might re-sign Plaxico Burress to shore up this year's receiving game upon his participation in a prison work-release program, well, sometimes plans just don't work out. Burress was denied work release today, and cannot re-apply until he becomes eligible for parole on June 6, 2011. His two-year sentence runs until September, 2011, and by the way his rejection letter sounded, he might be staying the whole term.

Burress, you may remember, helped wreck the 2008 season by shooting himself in the thigh with an illegal handgun during an evening of partying at the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan.

"The serious and negative impact illegal guns have on the community coupled with dangerous nature of the weapon discharging in a public place renders him unsuitable for work release participation," according to the denial letter sent to Burress. Burress has served 10 months of his two-year sentence.

Here's the whole story.



  1. Does anyone REALLY think Reese or Coughlin would take him back? We have 3 locked up starting WRs and trying to make room for Cruz....there's no need for another WR (not that he wouldn't be great or better than the rest other than Smith and Nicks).

    Anyone really think Coughlin would want this guy back so he can fine and suspend him for showing up late to meetings and practices?

    Anyone really think we'd pay more for a suddenly available #1/2 receiver than say the Redskins or the Bears or the Rams or.....?

  2. As good as our WR's can be, none of them offer what Plax brings to the table. I'd love to have him back.

    He's getting screwed and made an example of. Think he'd still be in jail (or would have even been charged) if he weren't a high-profile athlete? He's an idiot, but he's also the best WR we've had since Homer Jones.


  3. Sec. 128-4-$5,000.=124September 01, 2010 8:17 AM

    Screw Plax.

    Ernie, any potential upgrades coming at LB? Adalius Thomas? Andy Headen? Byron Hunt?

  4. The Giants currently have their best receiving GROUP ever. Watch Nicks and Smith play, and you won't want the idiot back. Nicks easily has his talent, and will take better care of the ball (don't forget, Plax carried the ball like a loaf of bread-- or like an illegal firearm with the safety off). Smith is almost at a genius level at getting open in key situations. Watch Barden, too.

    And don't ever, ever forget that the Giants were rolling to another Super Bowl when that criminal shot himself. MaraTisch will never forget, and will never re-sign him. And he should thank God he shot himself and not an innocent bystander, or he'd spending a lot more time in the slammer, where gun-toting criminals belong.

  5. While I on one hand feel sorry for Plax, this certainly will serve as a detterent for some of the meackers who walk around my neighborhood from carrying a gun and in turn hurting myself or worse a member of my family. Damn straight he is being made an example just as Lil Wayne is too. Kudos to law enforcement. Guns are stupid and in my many years on earth I have never needed a gun and with a high level of certainty never will.

  6. Sec. 124, you got that right. This is the best Giants WR group I have ever seen! I am very, very excited about the possibilities of Smith, Nicks, Manningham, and Eli throwing the rock to them. Cannot wait for that first game!

    on a side note, does anyone else feel safer knowing that Wayno does not carry?

  7. John B said "but he's also the best WR we've had since Homer Jones"

    Amani Toomer might have something to say about that? Lionel Manuel was not bad in his day, neither Bobby Johnson, but I'll agree, Plax is def among the better since Homer Jones. Todays Wr's of Nicks & co have a chance to become stellar & special.

    Sec. 128-4-$5,000.=124 said..."any potential upgrades coming at LB? Adalius Thomas? Andy Headen? Byron Hunt?"

    God I wish Andy Headon or Byron Hunt were available today. An embarrasment of quality LB's in the 80's.

    I am wondering if they go to a 5-2 line-up sometimes vs good running teams?...Canty over the C, Cofield/Joseph DT's & Tuck/Kiwi/Osi/JPP on the endz. Just a thought with the apparent lack of trust in the LB's.

  8. Before anyone cries any tears for Plax, remember he was offered a plea deal of six WEEKS in jail (NOT to interfere with the NFL season) and community service. The Giants had already suspended him for four weeks, so Goodell was probably NOT going to add any more time on to that (Ben's only getting four for rape). Plax could have done minimal time and not missed a day of football. He CHOSE to go to court because he was so arrogant, he thought the jury would let the "great" Plax walk. Also, keep in mind he was a multi-millionaire. It would have cost him around five grand tops to get his carry permit and in the process of getting his permit, hopefully, he would learned that the waistband of your jeans makes a lousy holster, especially for a gun that doesn't have a safety. No, this is a classic example of why an IQ test should be required before you're allowed to carry. Some people are just way too stupid to be given a weapon more advanced than a rock and a stick.

  9. "ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that three teams have discussed picking up Leinart: The Bills, Raiders, and Giants."

    I'm speechless at this one. He's due 2.5 million this year and over 7 million next. I want a BETTER backup than Sorgi, but I'm not sure Leinart is and he costs too much.

  10. @Russ: Toomer was a nice receiver, but he was never in Plax's league. Not even close. Manual and Bobby Johnson weren't even as good as our current pair of Smith and Nicks (who have the potential to be really great).

    @Sec 124: Nicks has loads of talent, but until he dominates Green Bay all by himself or catches the winning TD in the Superbowl, all he has in potential. I can't forgive Plax for wrecking a potential second Superbowl season in '08, but I'd definitely give him a second chance here and a shot at redemption. He was THAT good (when he wanted to be).


  11. He made his bed...

  12. Plax needs better attorney's multiple offenders get off easier than he is...

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