Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Go, Some Leave

Just as the Giants appeared to be getting healthy, out goes Aaron Ross with plantar faciitis, a foot inflammation that is very painful, usually long-lasting, and makes it virtually impossible for a cornerback to run. Eli Manning had it last season, but the quarterback doesn't run nearly as much as a corner.

Looks like this will give Victor Cruz yet another opportunity to show his stuff on punt returns, since Ross will be out this week and possibly for much longer. Tough break for a hard-working kid who missed most of last year with hamstring problems. He's proving very, very fragile, which is never good for a pro football player. That will also mean Bruce Johnson will likely move up to the nickel spot on defense.

Oh, and if you're keeping score, WR Ramses Barden has a fractured transverse process. That's that little flange thing that comes out from the veterbrae. Usually takes several weeks to heal, but doesn't usually require surgery. He's already been out a week, and will sit out this one. Coughlin said he could be back next week.



  1. (Banging head against desk.) Ross hurt AGAIN. #*#(* @#)!)(#@$)!!! I really hope Cruz can start catching those punts. Really pulling for him to make the team.

  2. Hate to see the guy hurt, but better to uncover this type of injury sooner than later as the best form of healing is rest. Th only reason he should be on his feet this week is for foot traffic back and forth to the training room for therapeutic treatment to increase the blood flow and breakdown whatever scar tissue present.

    Of course, this all but means strict regulation to CB duties which is a shame. He actually looked like a viable option at PR. Hopefully, Cruz can step in and, at worse, perform equally as well. This would pretty much guarantee him a roster spot for this upcoming season.

  3. Damn!!!! Couldn't agree with you more CE718!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

    Ross was just starting to find his groove again! Looked good on defense and had a nice punt return! Really like him as a player but his injuries are just to much to take some times!

    To bad for Barden. Another set back for the guy. Hopefully he can make it to the field soon.

    And I hope Cruz makes this team!

    I hate to see someone loose their job but Moss has got to go. He'll find another team. I think the guy needs a change!

  4. Ughh....the return of the injury bug. A few more and I'm smelling an 8-8 rerun.

    I think it's time we turn some of our D-line depth into a new nickel corner. If Webster or Thomas miss a play this year we're seriously screwed.

    Can we get Rolle to play somenickel? = P

  5. Who is the fourth and fifth cb? Is RW Mcquarters available?

  6. Ross turns 28 in three weeks and is in his 5th year I believe. And he's always injured. What do the Giants do with this guy?

  7. g-men, a few more injuries? So the Barden injury and a Ross injury is going to doom the Giants? A fifth WR and nickel CB was not going to make-or-break their season.

    That being said, I currently have plantar fasciitis and think the injury is slightly overrated. Obviously I don't know how serious his injury is, but once I get up in the morning and after those first few steps (which are brutal) I'm fine.

    Granted I don't play in the NFL, but I do work out pretty rigorously and am an avid runner. After stretching it out, the injury doesn't hinder me from working out.

  8. ross said he had a bad tape job, maybe the combo of bad tape leading to injury, lifting weights without warming up leading to injury, and all of the hamstrings ...the giants should look into a new trainer and fitness program?

  9. Well it would certainly be warranted, as would a change of STs coach. 2 glaring weaknesses in the organization.