Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rest Easy

The new helmet fit perfectly fine on Eli Manning's head, and he said he'll go with that the next couple of games until his lacerated forehead heals completely. This one has the chinstrap buttons at the top, as opposed to the sides.

"It’s just a different helmet, nothing special about it," Manning said. "There’s no new padding or anything. Just a little bit different helmet with a chinstrap that buttons a little different than the way I used to, just to ensure that it’s on tight.

"I’ve always had both of them on the side. I’ve done this before on a helmet, but not in the past couple years. It’s just to ensure that the helmet stays on, so I’m going to go with that the next couple of weeks, see if we like it, maybe we’ll stick with it. If I don’t, and once it heals up better, if I want to go back to the one on the side, we can do that also. Nothing I’m really concerned about."

Unless something horrible befalls him in tomorrow's final practice, expect to see him out there with the starters Saturday in Baltimore. Chances are, he'll go the whole three quarters.



  1. Just a booboo....people gotta settle down on this one.

    I'd rather he didn't play that much v. Baltimore. That's a big bad D to face for 3 quarters in a preseason game.

  2. I agree. There is no reason for Eli to even play. It is not like he is a rookie trying to learn the offense. He knows the offense cold. He just needs reps before week one. I would prefer he sit out. If this backfires and he has a setback, that jeopardizes the whole season.

  3. Id be upset to see him in more than a quarter. Agree w Everything Mitch says.