Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another MRI

Now, don't go gasping for air just yet, but WR Hakeem Nicks was injured during afternoon practice and will undergo an MRI on his right knee. Already struggling after offseason surgery on his toe, Nicks was said to have hyper-extended the knee.

Have to wait for the results to come back, but hopefully it won't turn into the torn ACL that followed the staff's initial hyper-extension appraisal of Domenik Hixon's season-ending injury. And it would be a shame if Nicks, definitely a star in the making, had his sophomore season cut short because of this.

Some good news, however, concerning Shaun O'Hara's MRI. The pictures showed no significant damage to his swollen left ankle, so it's a matter of time before he gets back to practice. It's a chronic condition that needs regular treatment.

Don't look now, but Lawrence Tynes was 8-for-8 in placements, including a 47-yard field goal, in the afternoon practice.



  1. Let's hope the football gods are kind tonight. This could be absolutely brutal.

    Wondering if this could be related to favoring his toe?

    This guy is the real deal. I hope he doesn't get setback too much.

  2. I read Tynes was 9 for 9, SO WHAT! Nicks, Im not nervous, the Giants don't think there is any major damage.

  3. ^Agree. All I care about is how many practice kickoffs did he drop in the endzone being that his average is typically ZERO.

  4. Last time it was said the 'Giants don't think there's any damage' was in regard to Hixon. So, I think you can take that with a grain of salt.

    I think there might be reason for concern. But I'm hoping there's not. Ice it down overnight. Hope he wakes with little to no pain.

  5. either way, its a set back for the offense. It reads from various twitter reports that some of other WR are doing well; Hagan, Moss, let's hope so. The Giants are a fragile offense, missing Plax took them back, they can ill afford to lose Smith, and Boss...the lack of depth on offense is a concern

  6. Tom is right. The last "hyperextended knee" was a torn ACL.

    As a Coughlin supporter, I think it is plenty fair to ask: "Coach, what is it you think you're doing that needs to change given that you can't seem to get backs and ends in and out of camp healthy and ready to play the season?"

  7. Truth be told, an injury to the ACL is, perhaps, the most common sports injury. RB's/WR's need to cut and change direction on the fly which increases the risk to injury at any time. Not just preseason.

    At this point, we just need to hope for the best for Nicks while minimizing future injuries.

  8. 2 MRIs reveal no injury to Nicks's knee. He may be back on the practice field by tomorrow.