Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Question

A good question was asked about S Kenny Phillips' availability and the depth chart at middle linebacker on the previous post. So here's an answer as best as I can discern.

Phillips remains out on PUP, but he's told reporters in Albany that he wants to stop predicting return dates. But he did say he felt like he could be back at practice at some point next week. Take that with a grain of salt, however, as Phillips has always been optimistic about his return from microfracture surgery. If I were you, I would put Phillips out of my mind until he actually steps on the field. Antrel Rolle is tearing things up at camp, and Deon Grant has quietly had a solid bunch of practices, so the safety spot appears in good hands right now.

As a matter of fact, when Rolle intercepted a Jim Sorgi pass to TE Jake Ballard, a couple of defenders shoved Ballard on the return and shouted, "We're Scorin'!" Just shows what kind of fire Perry Fewell has instilled in those guys.

Jonathan Goff has gotten a lot of work at first-unit MLB, but Gerris Wilkinson popped his head up today when he shut down a wide running play, garnering kudos and backslaps from three defensive coaches. That's nice for the kid, but barring a complete breakdown of Bulluck's surgical knee, count on him being in there as the starter.



  1. Thanks for the updates Ernie. Glad to hear that Rolle and Grant have the potential to be a great tandem this year. Can breathe easier than last. Also like the attitude of the D so far from the reports. Seems they have really bought into Fewell's system. I am not going to hold my breath on Wilkinson. He will probably look into the mirror tonight and break his arm. How has Dillard looked thus far? I am pulling for my Husker!

  2. A few days ago one could read a lot highlights for the safety from UCF, Greco, what chance does he have of making the team? Seems like he's a freak athlete.

  3. Hey Ern,

    I've missed posting, it's been hectic around here, but I'm trying to (barring injuries) predict the starting D. What's it look like so far? This is what I think:

    Tuck, Osi/Kiwi, Cofield, Alford (how's he look?)
    Boley, Bullock, Sintim
    Webster, Ross/Thomas, Grant, Rolle

    Does that look right? And if Ross can't start right away who's our nickel CB? Bruce Johnson? I can't remember.

  4. Dan:

    That looks about right. I'd probably go with Thomas as the starter for now, but Ross will see plenty of time, anyway as a nickel. Assuming both Ross and Thomas are healthy, Bruce Johnson would be a fourth corner.

  5. Kenny Phillips will be on the pup list to start the season and hopefully he will be back in week 6. Microfracture is not an easy operation to overcome in a short time period.

  6. Seth Williams, Michael Greco...any chance these guys stick around?

  7. last years training camp guy, Maurice Evans, put on practice squad, claimed off practice by Tampa, signs a 2 year deal with Chicago.

    what does the practice squad do for you if you cannot keep the players?

  8. Reese on Phillips (Credit to Ohm @
    "And again, we think Kenny Phillips is going to be the starter when we play the Carolina Panthers [in Week 1]. We expect him to be the starter out there."
    "If he has no setbacks, we expect him to play at a high, high level, like he was playing before he went out last year. And really, he was playing probably 85 percent in the games that he played last year. It is not getting worse. There's no swelling. He is on a good course. If he doesn't have any setbacks, we expect him to be a dynamic player for us again."

  9. Great post Tom, thanks. I like the optimism!

  10. Anyone else dislike the fact they are having Ross run back punts? First round draft choice, running punts back? Not for me.

  11. 1st round pick or not, he's still a nickel corner so that's fine by long as they don't use WEBSTER again.

  12. jme hit it on the head. Even with Hixon the Giants had problems in ST last year, this year they are screwed. Tim Brown is intriguing but I dont even see one other interesting free agent return kid on the training camp roster. Reese should have addressed this in the offseason but chose not to. CJ Spiller would have been the answer.

  13. gggg-men, he is a "nickle" back for the moment, because he is coming of an injury. He may stay a nickle back, we'll see. But he is guy one spent a lot of money and high hopes on. Till the injury I would argue he fulfilled those expectations. And any way, you say "nickel corner" as if it is a throwaway position. As often as teams play three wide outs these days, the nickle back mind as well be a starter.

    If he is returning punts it is only a matter of time. Let me finish by writing one name, Jason Sehorn.