Friday, August 13, 2010

Something New

Thanks to injuries to four of the five tight ends on the roster, the defense is helping out the offense in tonight's practice. DEs Dave Tollefson and Tommie Hill are wearing offensive pullovers and lining up there along with the only tight end who walks without a limp or a list, Bear Pascoe.

Gotta love the Lend-a-Hand attitude. Hmmm. Wouldn't it be something if one of those guys flashed, turned into a fulltime convert, and extended his career a bunch of years. Not likely. But a heartwarming thought just the same.

Not so warm-and-fuzzy was the reaction Perry Fewell had when CB Bruce Johnson dropped an interception on a throw Rhett Bomar air-mailed over Duke Calhoun. Gotta learn to hold onto the gifts.



  1. Cornerback Depth Chart
    1. Webster
    2. Thomas
    3. Ross
    4. Johnson
    5. ???

  2. IRON MAN FOOTBALL! Makin' a comeback! Maybe Manningham can play a little CB?

    Love the fire coming from Fewell. So far he sounds like the anti-Sheridan....hope it translates to gametime results.