Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out Here

We're at the TPC training complex for the first time this year, so expect some practice stuff at least. Gonna try to get up some video later in the day.

Sounds like Eli Manning had a decent day of practice sans helmet yesterday, so we'll see if he can repeat that today. I'll also be keeping an eye on Brandon Jacobs to see if he's all the way back from his neck problems.

As for Aaron Ross' bad tape job, I'm wondering why, if it was so uncomfortable, that he apparently didn't let the training staff know immediately so they could have remedied it on the field. Instead, he played on it, and wound up with what Tom Coughlin called "a big, swollen heel." Sounds like this injury, unlike the hamstring problems that ruined last year for him, was entirely preventable. A shame.


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