Monday, August 30, 2010

Manning And Sorgi

Eli Manning said he's over his head injury, but backup Jim Sorgi said he's not sure how long it will be before his injured shoulder capsule allows him to get back to practice.

That means, for the time being, that the Giants had better be very comfortable with Rhett Bomar as Manning's primary backup. That, or go out and get a veteran quarterback. But that would make for a tough go, since that player would have to come in and learn an entire offense in short order. He'd probably need a few weeks to absorb everything, anyway, in which case the Giants would have to use Bomar anyway as Manning's backup.

When asked today if the shoulder felt any better, Sorgi said, "A little. Very slow. I have never had it so I don’t know how it’s supposed to feel or how quickly it’s supposed to get better. I know it’s different in a quarterback, a thrower, than it is in other positions. We’re trying to keep that in mind and it’s just the timing of when it happened and the timing of when it’s supposed to get better by is bad timing for both sides."

Sorgi said he plans to see the doctors for a re-evaluation in the next few days, as he's been on a regimen of anti-inflammatories and ice. He said he was hopeful the injury is not as serious as a similar one that ended Former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington's season in late September of last season.

"I don’t know exactly what his was," Sorgi said. "I don’t know if his came out or what not. I don’t think mine tore enough to dislocate the shoulder or it come out of the socket at all. I know you need time for it to get down and the scar tissue to heal and stuff like that. I’m assuming that if it doesn’t get better over however much time, four or six weeks, then I’ll have to get it taken care of."

Until then, the Giants had better get ready to live with Bomar as backup.

Meanwhile, WR Ramses Barden returned to practice and appeared to be doing more than individual drills. But G Chris Snee (knee), C Shaun O'Hara (ankle), T Kareem McKenzie (migraine), WR Sinorice Moss (groin), and CB Aaron Ross (foot) remained out.



  1. Joey Harrington? Jeff Garcia?

  2. Time to hit up the UFL.

    Honestly with Manning's pedigree and history, I think we can live with Bomar as a backup and in the unlikely event that Manning is ever injured and misses a game THEN let's hit up some FA/UFL veterans and bring them in on short notice.

  3. I have no problem with Bomar as a backup QB. Manning is sturdy and even if Bomar had to spend a few games at the helm, I think he'd improve enough with each start to become a valuable asset. I like his arm and his toughness. Seems like a gamer.

  4. Andre Woodson could come back and be the 3rd stinger.
    Again the Giants front office should be questioned on this one. Sorgi, a lifetime clipboard holder was not the only QB available. Eli is durable and tough, but that was when the line was intact. Now, the QB for the Giants is going to get hit...alot. Marc Bulger,Derek Anderson, Jason Campbell were all available and they could have tried harder to retain David Carr.

  5. Ed Valentine is predicting that Dennis Landolt will be cut from the Giants. I hope not. He's played well when put into the game. He was an all-big 10 performer at Penn state and as tough and durable as you can ask. He's a much better risk for them than Guy Whimper, who has shown little in his tenure.
    I hope the Giants brass cuts loose some of these guys who have had their chances and give life to a few younger, hungrier ones