Friday, August 13, 2010


Andre Brown, Victor Cruz, DJ Ware, and Aaron Ross will all get cracks at returning punts in Monday's exhibition opener against the Jets. But if you read anything into Tom Coughlin's statement today about his willingness to let Ross serve double-duty, sounds like he's in the lead.

Just wonder if the hamstring issues are fully behind him. Would hate to see him go back there, start upfield, and -- boing! But then, he has been working well on defense, so maybe everything will hold up for him this year.



  1. why does the image of Jason Sehorn come to mind....

  2. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Unless you have a game changing return man like a Hester, Reggie Bush, Parrish, Jackson, Royal....I think you have to just give it to your fastest receiver who's deepest on the depth chart; Moss, Cruz....hell give it to Hagan, but not Ross.

    Ross is going to be a SOLID nickel CB for us and if Phillips sturggles coming back and Grant needs to be spelled, he makes a decent safety too. We can risk depth in the secondary (which plagued us last year) for the sake of a return game than can be handled by our 3rd and 4th RBs or out 5th and 6th WRs.

  3. ggggg-men, well how do you know if we have a game changing punt returner if the Giants don't even give him a chance? In his final year at Texas, the kid did it all. A little risk may reward the team with big contributions.

  4. Haj - I'm not saying this to be argumentative, I honestly don't know. I don't follow college ball all that closely. Did Ross have hamstring problems in college? If he didn't, well, then Texas didn't know it was a risk. Also, how did he do in the return game in college? If the guy was a game breaker, then maybe you do take the chance. But if he was average, or worse, I don't see any point in risking it. It's painfully obvious the guy has recurring hamstring problem and when it does happen, it's always severe. I think he's needed much more on the defensive side than on the special teams side. Frankly, this a perfect example of why the Giants keeping Moss infuriates me. He can't do the job and he's taking a roster spot that should be filled by someone who can instead of risking the health of one of the team's defensive standouts.

  5. If we were deeper in the secondary, I'd understand your point, but I just don't think we should be risky any bodies there. (like allowing Webster to take one last year....ugh)

  6. I actually think this is a good move to put Ross back there. Why not give it a risk. If his hamstring blows returning a punt then it would have blown back-pedaling into coverage. If they're that sensitive then he's bound to get hurt eventually.

    Secondly, NEVER compare Ross to Sehorn. It may have only been two seasons or so, but Sehorn, before his knee injury was one of the best CBs in the game. We're looking at Ross now as a solid nickel guy. Sehorn was one of the best in the sport. He was a major component of that defense, Ross, I like him, but if he goes down, Bruce Johnson and Thomas proved they are pretty good players.