Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day Story

Here's Mike Eisen's story on from the first workout of camp.

And here's Ralph's from the Daily News. Interesting that when Terrell Thomas dropped an interception, he immediately hit the dirt for some pushups. Sounds like Perry Fewell has them all committed to the turnover. No surprise.

Also wanted to mention something about S Kenny Phillips, who starts camp on PUP. He indicated in some stories that he'd be back to real work next week. I hope so because he's got the potential to be a great player. But if by chance he doesn't get back, don't be too disappointed. This microfracture surgery stuff is a big deal, and especially in Phillips' case because there's the underlying arthritic condition at work, too. The Giants didn't add Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant to the safety lineup for the heck of it, remember.

At least from this observer, there are some serious doubts about whether Phillips can not only return to practice in good order, but once there, actually be effective.




  1. I really wish u were up there to show these hacks what real sports journalism is all about. Anyway I think most people could see thru the bluster Phillips has been talking for 6 months now. It is going to be a long road and will take longer than a year to get him back to full strength if ever at all. Reese took care of this dilemma by pouncing on Rolle and Grant. If only Jones was on the roster the Phillips plan would be complete.

  2. I'd rather see him next year than never again. The staff should hold off on rushing him back, see Aaron Ross last year

  3. I say rest him, send Ross back to safety, let Web, Thomas and Johnson hold down the CB duties (float Ross back up at nickel as necessary. I'll take 100% Phillips in week 5 than a reinjured Phillips week 1....

  4. Agree with both previous comments.

    I can already feel myself cringing everytime Phillips makes contact.

    I wish him well, but I'm okay

  5. ...okay with the safety situation as it is.

  6. Obviously, if he can play full speed and full contact, the Giants are a better team with him on the field. I wish him the best, but I don't think he will be a major contributor until the end of the season earliest. I love his heart and optimism, but as Ernie said, it is a "big deal". On the upside, twenty years ago, it would have absolutely ended his career, so at least there is hope.

  7. Ernie what is your opinion based on? You throw this out there, but if he's not working with the team in drills what can you see? is he limping visibly? if there's story cover it, I can get conjecture from other bloggers, I look to you for journalism